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The Value of "Free" Time?

The concept of free time sounds great. To me, it suggests that this is special time where I get to decide what I would like to do. 416 more words

Less is more, really?

The standing room only crowd at the Storyline Conference break out session called “The Hidden Lies that Keep Our Schedules Overwhelmed” indicates that Joshua Becker… 338 more words

The Downsizing Dozen: Case of the Missing Mac

Well, this has been an interesting October. While one would hardly call me a Luddite, I was reduced to a smart phone, some stolen moments with my husband’s computer, and the throwback of pen upon paper, while my ancient five-year-old laptop was away for updates. 430 more words


6 Ways Simplicty + Being My Own Boss is Changing My Life

Prior to my layoff, my life was a chaotic mess. I was running on empty. Nothing was intentional anymore because there wasn’t any time for being intentional. 692 more words


“The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.”

-Lin Yutang


Giant pink polka dots baloons from Japan

The visual effect of these immense pink polka dots balloons filling the whole lobby of the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil museum in Rio de Janeiro… 51 more words


Frugal - a year of free fun - month 5

This month’s fun activities were:

  • worked on an existing craft project for which I didn’t need to buy anything.
  • went to 2 language meetups.
  • kept watching free online TV.
  • 187 more words
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