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Day 75: Inventory and Rules

A lot of people have been asking about it, and I’ve realized that I haven’t done a full explanation of what exactly I’m wearing this year. 598 more words


No, I don't have one of those

When you walk into my apartment you might notice that there is something absent from my living room and bedroom. I’m sure, if you have ever read a minimalist blog in your life, you have already guessed, correctly, that there is no television in my home. 644 more words


Day 202: Shrink

OK, I’ve known for a while that the house we were moving into was going to be considerably smaller than the house we have been used to. 211 more words

Railroad stitched, Chambray scarf

Minimalism at its finest. Chic beyond compare with its simple, railroad stitching and utilitarian fabric choice. This lovely hand-stitched scarf is 100% cotton chambray and is currently available in my Etsy shop. 15 more words


wicking boxers

(revdarkwater and Nimue are on vacation with her family in the coastal Carolinas, but before they left home, they chose some items to “shed ahead.”) 195 more words

Daily Shed

change 8: raw recipes posting and reading

I am quite happy with this week’s changes, even though I didn’t eat a raw lunch every day, I managed to come up with recipes, prepare and blog about them pretty regularly. 100 more words


feeling overwhelmed by stuff

I guess the song “I see fire” and reading the first volume of the Lord of the Rings trilogy triggered my longing for open spaces again. 343 more words

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