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What is "simple" anyway?

From Merriam Webster online:
Pronunciation: \ˈsim-pəl\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): sim·pler \-p(ə-)lər\; sim·plest \-p(ə-)ləst\
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin simplus, alteration of Latin simplic-, simplex single, having one ingredient, plain, from sem-, sim- one + -plic-, -plex -fold — more at same, -fold… 472 more words


17 Ways We Should Simplify Our Lives Again

Life is far more simplistic than we like to make it out to be. 

We complicate things because we aren’t comfortable with that simplicity. Most things we compulsively distract and consume and engage with are methods of deflection. 567 more words

sloanhepler reblogged this on nostalgic for the present and commented:

Did you see that? My heart just did a cartwheel. Why? Because this blog by Brianna Wiest just eloquently listed things that have been on my heart for years--especially this past month! We are not made to hoard and complicate things... just ask my brain and my body. They can't take all that I have subjected it to ANYMORE!   I am blessed by this post. Take a moment to read it. And if you're brave, join me and do one number at a time. Let's get liberated!

House Of Infinite: Astounding Beach Retreat Where Myths Meet Minimalism!

The small town of Tarifa is often popular among travel enthusiasts as the southernmost point of the European mainland. Ancient Roman ruins still stand tall in this scenic part of Cadiz and often are as much a source of historic facts as many unsubstantiated myths and legends. Inspired by the…

Pacing Ourselves: Taking Time to Play

The No-Progress Report: STILL IN THE RV, and not yet in the dome.

There’s a lot left to do still before we can live in it: build out the sleeping area, put in kitchen facilities, insulate it (dome without insulation or ventilation = greenhouse), put in a wood stove. 357 more words


3 Day Work Week

I recently wrote a blog on the 4 day work week, a report from the President of the UK Faculty of Public Health advocating the move to a 4 day work week to help people combat stress, lead a healthier life and contribute to a  fairer share of work among the population.  318 more words


My Minimalism Dream

If I could have one personal wish fulfilled, it would be the kookiest thing for most people.

The fulfillment of this wish would light me up and send me soaring. 147 more words