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Managing Virtual Clutter

I’m slowly becoming more and more minimalistic in my home, constantly re-evaluating my possessions and their importance (or lack thereof) in my life. This has helped me to feel very comfortable in my surroundings because clutter bothers me. 452 more words


Minimalist Moving

I am moving next month. My fiance and I are finally ready to move out on our own away from our parents. 241 more words



Even though the principles of Minimalism are something I can get firmly behind, it’s something I’ve always struggled with. I’m one of the most sentimental people on the planet, especially after a few too many glasses of red, and so attach memories and feelings to items all too often instead of holding a memory in my heart and donating its material counterpart, that I haven’t used/worn/read for years. 390 more words


Goal #100: My jewellery purge

Every once in a while it seems a drastic mental about-turn hits us, seemingly out of nowhere. Suddenly we see the world through different eyes and shift our values and attitudes in response. 558 more words


The Barrier of Starting

The saying goes that “it’s always darkest before dawn”, but I’m not sure I agree with it. I find that the hardest part is starting. 307 more words


Rituals, Habits, and Distractions

In three days, I will be living in New York City, the debatable center of the modern world. I have made list after list of things to take along and leave behind, and with each revision I take off a few more comforts that occupied my leisure time at home. 416 more words


over-the-cabinet towel bars

Here’s another shed from the interim apartment I kept for awhile. It had a nice kitchen, but, curiously, no place to hang a kitchen towel. I’m a confirmed kitchen towel user, and I felt the lack. 105 more words