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A Wardrobe to Love

Do you look at your wardrobe and think if you only had x or y then you’d really be happy with your clothes? I used to. 673 more words

Minimalism and Preparedness Part I: How They Are Compatible

Minimalism is completely compatible with preparedness and in fact they are complimentary processes for several reasons that I will describe in this blog post.  Let me begin with two definitions: 608 more words

Simplicity = Creativity: stop worrying

I don’t do Facebook, and I don’t do quizzes on whether I’m creative or not, but this article hit a bit of a nerve with me. 346 more words


Minimalistic Class

less is really more

pieces with lines and structure

effortless and sharp

top – urban oufitters/skirt – urban outfitters/necklace – forever21/black clutch – asos/heels – seychelles


Minimalism (in Excess)

The majority of my possessions is still in boxes. We plan to move again very soon. The plan is: Live in this country-ass mobile home, cheap as hell, for just a short time.  213 more words

Making Space

After resolving this past Friday to get rid of one thing every day, I woke up Saturday morning and promptly went through all of my stuff. 322 more words


The Scary Attic Storage: In The Thick of It

Well, the moment is now, folks: my husband spent two days emptying the Scary Attic Storage completely. He put ALL of those items on our (formerly) empty back porch – which is where we eat breakfast, drink coffee, and in general, unwind with the beauties of our backyard garden, the waterfall, the flowers, trees and the creatures, furry and feathery, that visit our little haven. 460 more words

Culling Through Items