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Simplify - Weekly Wishes 01/09/14

Last week’s wishes: 25/08/14:

  1. Wallpaper: start stripping some wallpaper in our spare bedroom. Dependent on return of our stepladder. It wasn’t returned so this is 0% completed. 
  2. 227 more words

Six lessons I learned in August while moving to Kenya


Have you set goals in the beginning of this year? I did.

But what happens when, after half a year, they become irrelevant and you feel lost? 666 more words


Three Year Short Story

About 3 years ago, I decided to become a Vegan.  My cholesterol was high and I cannot take Statins due to muscle pain. I was also horrified at how animals are treated and slaughtered at factory farms so this was my way of protesting the practices.  497 more words


The Grass Is Green

Recently, I came across a quote that said the reason we are depressed (disappointed, frustrated, insert your adjective of choice) is that we are comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel. 293 more words


Sometimes "Stuff" Isn't The Only Clutter

I didn’t have the easiest weekend. I lost a friend. I don’t mean in the sense of them dying or anything horrible like that. I realized what a toxic presence this person had on my life and I cut the cord. 305 more words

Trying out minimalism

One of the new things I’ve been working on this year is minimalism. Minimalism can mean different things to different people, but generally it means enjoying more experiences and not getting bogged down by extraneous stuff. 394 more words