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box fan annual maintenance

Over the long summer of near-constant use, our fans pick up an unsightly coating of fine dust and cat hair. Today Nimue finished her annual cleaning regime, which involves removing their grills, spraying and scrubbing the filth away, and tightly screwing them back together. 51 more words

Daily Shed

The Minimalist Challenge begins

Today is the first day of the rest of my beautiful, simple life. I have recently been reading several articles and blogs about minimalism. The most magnificent idea was presented to me in my quest for betterment: the Minimalist Challenge. 194 more words



One of the wonderful discoveries I have made through the process simplifying my life is mindfulness. While removing all the clutter in my life, I created the space for mindfulness, and it has had a huge impact on my serenity. 141 more words


Minimalism, essentialism: this is my bag, all I have, all I need

While playing theater I learned that less is more. One reason why I love theater is that you can apply the same principles you learn on the scene to your life. 75 more words

Minimalism: What's in your razor?

I can remember the exact moment that I decided to switch to a double-sided safety razor.  I was watching TV with my son in 2006 and a commercial came on for a five-bladed razor called the Gillette Fusion.   484 more words


Simplicity. It’s a dream of mine.  I long to live a life filled with slow days full of meaning and beauty.  To look back on my week and not scratch my head at how I can be so tired and not remember what I did that was meaningful: it sounds like a fantasy. 176 more words

Whoever wins the rat race is still a rat

I didn’t want to be a rat.

I was lying in a pool of sunshine the other day, taking a much-needed day off with a dear friend, and all I could think was… 474 more words

Simple Living