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A minimalist vacation house in Chile | Panorama and WMR

Chilean architects Panorama and WMR collaborated on the design of this small vacation house. Located in the coastal village of Matanzas, it has spectacular ocean views.

Small House Plans

Beautiful Bathroom Design

Most beautiful and unique bathroom
design I’ve ever seen.  The simplicity
of materials is beyond belief. I never
thought a bathroom could be so elegant. 8 more words

Beautiful Musings

Beautiful Furniture Design

I would love to own a ‘Cloud’ table
designed by Anna and Marek Lorens.
Composed from a number of hexagonal
elements, the multi-functional table is… 40 more words

Beautiful Musings

A 17th-century townhouse in the Netherlands | Unknown Architects

A 17th century townhouse in the historic center of Leiden, the Netherlands, was renovated to provide a “pied-à-terre” for a couple who spend much of their time traveling. 334 more words

Gable Roof

Fine Art Packaging for Lumas.

I’ve always been a fan of the German photography gallery Lumas. Since the days when I used to receive their direct mail catalogs, to the present day website. 121 more words

Design And Art

minimalist design choice: pt 2

writing x programming, sans x

I have written previous about the horrors of feature creep, but there’s also another side to that coin.  What about totally valid, useful, and awesome requests?   575 more words

A yacht-like "micro villa" on the Danube | SHARE Architects

This tiny vacation house is surprisingly close to the center of Vienna. It sits on the Alte Donau (Old Danube), a linear lake created when a portion of the Danube River channel was cut off by flood control measures. 278 more words

Small House Plans