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Cha, Cha ...Changes!

Thank God for the young people because in them is our hope. And they are getting it.

Plant any land you have with flowers, trees and food. 197 more words

Slow Down

Get Rid Of The Mortgage!

Did you know the word mortgage is a French Law term meaning “death pledge”? ¬†Well, rightfully so since the average mortgage term of 30 years is going to cost you three times the purchase price of the home and in 30 years life is going to happen. ¬† 567 more words

Travel Games

The girls and I are going on a flight today, all the way to Arizona! And since we are only using carryons, space for travel toys is limited. 478 more words

Free Patterns

ZW/Minimalist Design Doesn't Mean White and Sterile

Follow-up to my purging post!

For me, personally, this is some of my favorite interior design inspiration. I like the concept of intentional possessions; slow possessions. 112 more words

Zero Waste