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is far too late to wake up on a weekday a block from main street hopibng to stay discrete with car living. shit has already started up–deliveries have been made, the garbage collected, and the barber is outside on her stoop smoking cigarettes just waiting for something exciting to happen like the vagrant queer to climb out of her car and head to the gym.

Minimalist Living: How to Start Today

If you’ve ever thought about chucking it all in and selling most of what you own, then you might be ready for a Minimalist lifestyle. But it’s more than  1,570 more words

Minimalist Living

Breathing Hand Washer Review

For the life of me I cannot recall how I stumbled upon these things–even though it was just a few days ago!–but I’m glad that I did. 631 more words

Zero Waste

A Quest for Simplicity–What Do We Really Need?

So I’ve just got my own “bachelor pad” here in Mumbai. Being a foreign single man is quite difficult in the Mumbai rental market (see here: ) Hence the place I have accepted is not exactly the heights of luxury or modernity. 309 more words

Personal Growth

Efforts of a Minimalist – Being Online

One lazy Sunday morning, my boys and I decided to have our breakfast at McDonald’s near our place. The place is full (as always) but apparently quiet. 395 more words


Some interesting criticisms of the minimalist lifestyle:

I was talking with Leo Babauta a few weeks ago. The topic of the conversation was his new book, 

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A Love of Artifacts

It wasn’t a year ago when I would still have conversations with my husband about our love of artifacts and how we couldn’t imagine having a digital-only collection of anything. 1,395 more words

Zero Waste