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Efforts of a Minimalist – Being Online

One lazy Sunday morning, my boys and I decided to have our breakfast at McDonald’s near our place. The place is full (as always) but apparently quiet. 395 more words


Some interesting criticisms of the minimalist lifestyle:

I was talking with Leo Babauta a few weeks ago. The topic of the conversation was his new book, 

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A Love of Artifacts

It wasn’t a year ago when I would still have conversations with my husband about our love of artifacts and how we couldn’t imagine having a digital-only collection of anything. 1,395 more words


Can you give up your wants and live peacefully with needs?

Four months since I blogged.

I apologize for not being in touch. I was working on a huge project at home… a project of evaluating needs vs. 1,197 more words


Hold On and Let Go!

A modern day dilemma rocks our household. The stacked cardboard boxes tremble. Days from moving out, we are at odds over what to do with our respective CD collections. 632 more words

Collecting My Thoughts

My foray into minimalism

You’ve all heard me (or read me) preaching the “Less is More” mantra. Right? Well I am beginning to take that to the next level. This post is a little different from my usual posts, kinda “deep and insightful” ( 817 more words

Living With Less

In an essay on water in his classic book Desert Solitaire, Edward Abbey poses a question: Is there a shortage of water in the desert? No, he says, there’s no shortage of water in the desert. 

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