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Shoe Review: Skora Fit

What’s a Skora?

skóra is a polish word that means “skin” or leather” and is used to represent the brand’s next to skin style.

I first heard of Skora shoes back in 2012 when my friend Mike, the Dirtdawg, … 1,115 more words

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Luna Monos...

For the past 100+ miles of running  I have switched back the sandals that I ran in all of last year – Luna Monos.  I like to rotate my use of foot gear.  93 more words


Still running...

Because I’ve been so busy with work, my weekly mileage has been kind of moderate. Even after my recent ankle problem, I still prefer minimalist shoes, and do most of my runs in them. 81 more words

TRAQ Flinder's Tour, Glasshouse Mountains 2014.

Another Sunday and another fun day out.

I was not going to do this race, I wanted to but had done the Gold Coast Marathon 3 weeks before the start and thought I was asking too much. 988 more words

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70% off of Skora? That's unheard of

Yes, I know. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything but you’ll see some articles pretty soon. If anything this whole site will get a pretty extensive overhaul. 47 more words

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Veganism: Foot and Mouth Ease

For me, being a vegan is not only about food. It’s a complete lifestyle.

What I wear on my body is as significant to me as what I put… 423 more words

Icebug Enlight RB9X

Here is a new trail running shoe from Icebug. The Enlight is new for summer 2014, and features Icebug’s speciality RB9X outsole – a sticky rubber compound designed to provide good traction on wet rock. 768 more words

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