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Minimalist Game Update

And The Purge continues.

Not this purge, though…far less murdery and crime-ridden at our house.

July 12

Sell: vintage vanity chair that I love but have no room for, K2 rollerblades (new with tags–purchased at a pawn shop.   232 more words

Month Of Financial Recovery And Wellness



Our friends’ cat; 19 July 2014.

And in the beginning was the cat …  Some of you may know that I’m a cat lover.  We don’t have a cat around the house, but I grew up with one, who was two years my senior and who died when I was 12 or 13 or so.  247 more words



I’ve came across even more outfits online that interest me and have been placed in my “outfit-inspiration” album. I really like white and minimalism as i’ve expressed in my previous posts so these are just more coordinates that caught my eye! 33 more words

And so it begins.

I think that complaining about first world problems is ignorant and trivial compared to other people’s experiences around the world. So instead of “losing”weight I am going to take steps in gaining a better lease on life by enjoying the food I eat while becoming more active and spending less time in front of a computer or television screen. 325 more words


Losing Social Media, Gaining Freedom

I deleted my Facebook. I deleted my Twitter. I deleted my LinkedIn. I completely got rid of all Social Media today and it was freeing. But I didn’t need any of those accounts anyway. 658 more words


It's a real tightrope situation

For a while now after being inspired by Kurt Bell, Mark Boyle and more recently becoming minimalist’s website I have been longing for a simpler and more ecological existence. 438 more words


Minimalist Loft Residence In A Stunning Woodland by Feedous

What is the feeling under the roof of the home, virtually below the stars reside-we can get an answer to this question, if we have a modern loft home select for our residence. 38 more words