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Minimum skills and updates. Pt 2.

Finished part 2 of minimum skills last night, including 27 in 5!

Feeling positive, whilst I know I need to work on the finer parts of hip and shoulder checks (stronger positional blocker than a hitting blocker which I need to work on!) and that my hip makes it difficult with slow stepping, I feel I did well! 283 more words

Roller Derby

Minimum skills. And other updates.

Yes! New league, revised rule set and exciting times!

I moved leagues just in time to be around for the scheduled league-wide minimum skills tests. I like the fact that the minimum skills tests and checks are league wide, this way everyone is together and it is a positive way of reinforcing the minimum skills regardless of which level you skate at. 458 more words

Roller Derby

What It Takes to Be a CallGirl (or Guy) :)

Minimum skills:

  • juggling (aka multi-tasking) – sounds, thought-trains, knowledge-base, and visuals must be simultaneously accessed, acknowledged, responded to, and mentally (oftentimes physically) recorded and/or documented…
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Progress is as progress does

Today my everything hurts. I’m aching all over thanks to my fibromyalgia, but it’s the pain of victory and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 716 more words


Of scrimmages and kings

So after I passed my Yellow Star and was approved for scrimmage back in January I promised an entry about scrim, but never delivered. Well I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have a whole lot to say up until now. 921 more words


Checklist for a successful T-stop

First of all, congratulations to  Rena Nicely Wolf from Jacksonville RollerGirls who won the Valentine pack from my last entry!

I have been asked a few times for help with the dreadful T-stop, and in my experience, the issue usually just needs a little realization for the skater to fix it. 987 more words

Skills Testing and Kiddy-Training!

I haven’t written a post about Bootcamp, because I am now finding it hard to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I’ll say a few short words about it now – it was an amazing experience. 1,315 more words

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