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Let the good times (and the Atom wheels) roll....and quit the mental kidney punches

I’ve finally done it.

After months of blood (stubbed toes), sweat (all over my poor stinking pads) and tears (of frustration over backwards skating) I’ve only gone and finally passed my minimum skills. 396 more words

The ninth circle of hell.....also known as backwards skating

Backwards skating. These two words became the bane of my life for more weeks than I care to mention.
Returning to the track after having a baby, I was keen to get back up to full strength and finally join my awesome team mates and bout. 395 more words

Don't Be Fooled: Increases in the Minimum Wage Cause Job Loss

Job Loss Is Common When There Are Increases in the Minimum Wage

Personally I’m amazed when I hear people profess an increase in the minimum wage has no impact on jobs. 1,059 more words

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