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Rapid-fire life and startup advice by Miki Agrawal

I grabbed this video by one of our Grommet Makers off of LinkedIn.  It resonates for me because:

Cultural Anthropology

When focusing on Minimum Viable Product is the wrong thing to do #Agile #MVP

There isn’t too many things more sacred than Minimum Viable Product in the Agile circles. Maybe Planning Poker, Automated Testing, and Continuous Integration. But usually Minimum Viable Product is also right up there. 630 more words


Business Creation A to Z (Part 1)

So you have an idea for a product and you think it’s going to change the world. Or maybe you’re not thinking that big; you just think it’s going to create an impact to a smaller segment of people you’re a part of. 1,313 more words


Ways and Means for Designing and Developing Functional Prototypes

We often hear about the wonderful new manufacturing methods for developing low-cost functional prototypes, e.g., 3D printing, plastic injection molding, etc. Yet, which method(s) should you utilize to bring your idea to life? 565 more words


Lean & Innovation NOT mutually exclusive?

Here is an interesting adjunct to my last post in the form of a comment from Gergana Hadjova addressed to the original IPKat post (reproduced in full here but fully attributed, so hopefully the lawyers who run and contribute to the excellent IPKat blog will forgive me): 509 more words

Product Development

The Minimum Lovable Product Forget the MVP

An interesting take on lean product management and development, and a reminder that novel, game-changing ideas are never created by slavishly delivering what customers ask for (though they can often be  18 more words

Product Development