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Building an MVP with Google Sheets -- no code required

I’m always looking for opportunities to not code. On a new project, we’ve been using Zapier to extract data from a source and store it in google sheets. 561 more words

Customer Development

Minimizing Design Risk with The MVP with Will Evans

On August 14, 2014 Will Evans shared his thoughts on Minimizing Design Risk with The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) via UIE’s Virtual Seminars. Below is a preview of my sketchnotes – click on the image to view the PDF.
Will Evans MVP sketchnotes


The Roles And Characteristics Of An Agile Architect

Couple of months back I attended a local agile meet-up, during the open space there was a very good discussion on the role of an Architect in Agile teams. 633 more words


This year I'm becoming a builder

For me, 2014 was all about focus. I drastically cut the number of projects I was working on and roles I was performing. I dropped extras and was extra discerning about what I spent my time doing. 746 more words


A marketer's perspective on MVP

I’ve worked with some incredible developers and product people who believe in launching minimum viable products (MVPs). If you are not familiar with the concept of a MVP, … 157 more words


Testimonial of an ink-stained scribbler at the digital crossroads, part 1: How canny techies are making me publish my book the way they spawn their software and devices

[ A new experiment in publishing: this entry can also be read on Medium.com, in a different form ]

Two weeks ago, I did something I would once have considered shameful, if not humiliating. 1,332 more words

Re-arranging Publishing For The 5th Estate

fast and functional

Fast and functional.

Sometimes you just want things to be sorted quickly. How pretty the solution is, how elegant the solution is or the bells and whistles don’t matter. 118 more words