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Don't fall in Love!

“Nobody wants your idea!”, David Stokes struck me with this single sentence.

It is a common fear when we believe our idea to be unique and valuable that somebody could steal it, but  it’s really unlikely to happen. 400 more words

Learning Solutions as Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

Minimum viable products (MVP) are popular for many things, including software products and applications, start-up companies or concepts, etc. MVP are typically defined as products with the highest rate of return on investment with low risk. 484 more words


Brain Drain update

I haven’t updated my followers about Brain Drain lately, and we were supposed to have released to market at the end of July. What has happened? 1,060 more words

Product Development

How to build a minimum viable product - not like this - like this

Cool image randomly discovered on Linkedin.


The idea is simple.
Make the minimum usable product as fast as possible to get feedback.
With the feedback you can adjust progressively until you get the desired outcome. 164 more words


How To Think Like an Entrepreneur: the Inventure Cycle

The Lean Startup is a process for turning ideas into commercial ventures. Its premise is that startups begin with a series of untested hypotheses. They succeed by getting out of the building, testing those hypotheses and learning by iterating and refining minimal viable products in front of potential customers. 1,238 more words

Customer Development

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on a Fixed Price Contract

Many colleagues contend that, as consultants, contractors, systems integrators or software developers, we need to impress or delight our customers.  If a project manager or customer tells you that delighting the customer is something other than delivering on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), avoid participation in the project. 227 more words


Rapid-fire life and startup advice by Miki Agrawal

I grabbed this video by one of our Grommet Makers off of LinkedIn.  It resonates for me because:

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