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Minimum viable products, exceptional products, and cupcakes

“Minimum” is not a word usually associated with a good product. But the term “minimum viable product” (MVP) is thrown around as widely accepted advice for startups. 604 more words


What is a minimum viable product (MVP)?

Simply put, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a key lean startup concept championed by start-up guru Eric Ries. The basic idea is to maximize validated learning for the least amount of effort.  342 more words


(Q3) The Artifex Practice Pitch

Hello everyone!

Yesterday my entrepreneurship group and I made our practice pitch to the class, regarding our graphic designer platform, Artifex.

In regards to the practice pitch, I wanted to address the following question posed to me: 805 more words


MVP: Minimum viable product

Having problems with the assumptions of your Business Model Canvas? There is one solution: the Minimum Viable Product!

It may be one of the most important parts of the lean startup movement. 515 more words


Remember why you’re small

“If I gave you $100,000 dollars, what would you do with it?” I sat there a little stunned. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, because I didn’t ask for it. 856 more words

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MVP: Most Valuable Pain

This week’s task – build an MVP. FYI: for all the sports fanatics that does not stand for Most Valuable Player (although I bet some entrepreneurs would say it is as important as one) none the less, today MVP stands for… 360 more words

MCS 4100

Don't fall in Love!

“Nobody wants your idea!”, David Stokes struck me with this single sentence.

It is a common fear when we believe our idea to be unique and valuable that somebody could steal it, but  it’s really unlikely to happen. 400 more words