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Massachusetts’ Minimum Wage Set to Increase

The minimum wage in Massachusetts is set to increase on January 1, 2015 for the first time since 2008.  On June 26, 2014, Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill into law which will raise the hourly minimum wage for non-tipped employees from $8.00 an hour as follows: 165 more words

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Port of Seattle increases compensation for certain airport workers

In 2013, SeaTac approved a $15 minimum wage (and other employment policies) for certain hospitality, transportation, and airport workers. Subsequently, a King County Superior Court judge “ruled that the city of SeaTac does not have the authority to set workplace rules within Seattle-Tacoma International Airport because the aviation hub is owned by the Port of Seattle, a separate government entity.” The case was appealed to the state Supreme Court, which… 151 more words

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Phony institute, phony minimum wage economics

Dear Fellow Nebraskans,

Even if you dislike President Obama, don’t buy into the lies about his push to increase the federal minimum wage. The Associated Press reported Saturday that states with higher minimum wages actually gained jobs this year. 867 more words


Elizabeth Warren's 11 Commandments of Progressivism

Ran across this on the National Journal the other day, and I decided it was worthy of commenting upon.  All of my comments will be in red, Mis Warrens will be in black. 1,560 more words

Basic Income: the REAL Social Safety Net

With a basic income, you can wipe out most of the inefficient, punitive bureaucracy of our social safety sieve (health care excluded). A basic income accounts for valuable unpaid work people do (especially caregiving work performed by women), slashes poverty, saves money, and trusts people in poverty to spend their own money as they think best. 161 more words

CBPP: Commentary: Arloc Sherman: Policymakers Often Overstate Marginal Tax Rates: How to Make Work Pay

Father of the Negative Income Tax

CBPP: Commentary: Arloc Sherman: Policymakers Often Overstate Marginal Tax Rates

I saw a video this afternoon of President Richard Nixon giving a speech to the country outlining his Welfare reform plan from 1969. 421 more words