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Wage Watch: Transgender Army staffer wins landmark discrimination case

Report: Army discriminated against transgender employee

In what’s been heralded as a landmark determination, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel on Thursday found that the Army discriminated against a transgender civilian Army employee on the basis of her gender identity… 658 more words


The most affordable city in the world for young people is ... Paris?

For young people, the lure of living in Paris goes well beyond its legendary cafes and cultural offerings. Combining France’s minimum wage—generous by global standards—with prices for items that serve as something of a proxy for the lifestyle of urban youth, Paris ranked No. 414 more words

Whatever Happened To Chris Christie?

For one, he’s now talking about the minimum wage…

Sam Seder video.

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The Minimum Wage Doesn't Work, But That's Not the Real Issue

The minimum wage has been a hotly debated issue for sometime now. Those in favor of the minimum wage argue that “well paid workers are productive and they don’t have to rely of government assistance,” or that “all labor should be respected.” Those against raising the minimum wage argue that it hurts the economy and the American worker rather than helping them, whereas those in favor of it would like us to believe. 412 more words


Minimum wage politics

I haven’t used this venue to promote my Harper’s piece on the awfulness of Hillary Clinton, but that’s about to change. First this little note, and then some bits from the cutting-room floor that wouldn’t fit next week. 156 more words

San Francisco’s Proposition J: Into Action With The Minimum Wage at GLIDE

I’m excited to see that Proposition J, the minimum wage increase for San Francisco, is supported by the majority of people in San Francisco and is likely to pass in November. 1,313 more words

Why We Must #RaiseTheWage

Imagine if you will, a world wherein a mother of three, slaves away for hours on end only to be given peanuts for her pay. Imagine a world wherein hard work no longer guarantees success, a world where the most basic principle of the American Dream does not apply. 743 more words

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