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So, im listening to these fast food workers and supporters making statements that are making me insane.
“I have two kids and one on the way and my boyfriend has three jobs.”—i think the real issue is living beyond your means!—you dont sound very smart. 7 more words

On The "Welfare State"...

There’s a feeling of real change about.  People are thinking, really thinking, about alternative social systems and systems of “government” for want of a better word.   789 more words


Minimum Wage – The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Early 20th century Progressives and eugenicists were concerned about the quality of life. Mostly theirs. The so-called “inferior” and “low wage” races at that time were the Irish, Eastern Europeans, Italians, blacks and Chinese. 207 more words

What’s the use of speaking out?

I write posts like Nearly half of Americans say that poor children do not deserve any assistance in the hope that, if only they had the facts, readers would be as shocked as I am by what is happening in America. 150 more words

Minimum Wage = ZERO

The minimum wage is a violation of the United States Constitution. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano,

Collective bargaining has increased the economic means of the great majority of working people in the United State by securing decent wages and benefits for union members and driving wages higher even for the unorganized. 1,055 more words


I Am Not Your Meme

Yeah, I know, Clausewitz said some shit about war being an extension of diplomacy, and all that.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about using the livelihoods and sacrifices of your veterans and active servicemembers to promote one particular line of political thinking; manipulating feelings of patriotism for the purposes of padding an otherwise flimsy argument.   608 more words