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"It Makes No Sense": Why Do People Vote Against Their Own Best Interests?

This question has stymied political strategists and pundits for a long time. As an expert in the women’s market, I too am baffled by the way people, especially women, vote against those who share their ideals and values in lieu of voting for those who don’t. 700 more words


The Challenge for Democrats Will Be Turnout

The upcoming midterm election affords us the ability to continue our efforts at regaining control of our government from the corporatists that currently are in control. 248 more words

Mind the gap

Advocacy, indecision and opposition surround the minimum wage debate.

By Jack Firneno
Wire Editor

Local resident Lorrie Topolin started the petition, but ultimately 10th Senatorial District Democratic candidate Steve Cickay led the group into U.S. 1,162 more words

Bucks County

From Farm Workers to Cheerleaders, We're all in This Together

via From Farm Workers to Cheerleaders, We’re all in This Together on Creators.com.

It doesn’t take an IQ much higher than room temperature to realize that it’s way past time to raise America’s sub-poverty minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

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Loss of the MIDDLE class

Slowly, we are losing the middle class that once was the bedrock of our nation.  CEO’s make thousands of percent more than the minimum wage.  Have they reached down to pull up the middle class and as a result also pull up the lower class by raising the minimum wage?  268 more words

Extreme Salary

A Fast from Fast Food Giants

It would be nice to not support companies that exploit their workforces, but it is hard to find viable alternatives or even know who is guilty of it. 595 more words

Tipped Employees in Five States to Receive a Raise

Employees who receive tips for their services are getting their well-deserved raise; at least in five states plus Washington, D.C. this year. In a recent report by the Huffington Post, Minnesota became just the latest state to pass legislation that would allow tipped workers to obtain a raise, with the state government guaranteeing “them the same $9.50 hourly minimum wage that other workers will get.” The other five four states are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. 336 more words

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