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More on the Minimum Wage, the Purpose(s) of Prices, and Truth

A slightly different perspective on why minimum wage laws are a very bad idea from Cafe Hayek:

People who advocate government controls on prices (such as rent-control and minimum wages) – and controls on activities (such as speculation) that cause prices to more accurately reflect underlying economic realities – do not understand the reality that Tyler and Alex point out.  

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New Year, New Minimum Wages

Are you ready for the New Year? Effective January 1, 2015, the minimum wage rate will increase for the following states:

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Applicant Tracking

"A Worse Fraud than Tweed's"

Isn’t it amazing how Washington works? While the rich get richer, they get tax breaks and Wall Street deregulation? While working families become poorer, they get cuts in pensions that were promised to them.

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Citizens United

"Who Gets Overtime Pay": The Next Policy To Help The Middle Class That Republicans Will Oppose

Lately, Democrats have been searching for new ways to appeal to working class and middle class voters on economic issues. They know their basic economic perspective is popular, but they worry that the few specific policies they advocate, like increasing the minimum wage, don’t touch enough people’s lives. 762 more words


Yes, our minimum wage is too low; no, lying about other minimum wage laws won't help

Yes, the US minimum wage is too low, and yes the minimum wages in many other nations are higher, but this meme is wrong — at whole or in part — on every single piece of data it presents.   271 more words

Affording to Consume: Wholly Misleading Half Truth

Technically speaking, this is true. An economy in which one person owns everything and nobody else owns anything won’t be a consumer-based economy. However, what has that got to do with anything? 195 more words


Minimum Wage for Liquor Servers

The minimum wage in British Columbia is set out in the Regulation of the Employment Standards Act. Since May 1, 2011 there has been a separate minimum wage for employees who serve liquor in British Columbia. 284 more words

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