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Nevada Question 2 - Nevada mining tax

By Mark Robison, RGJ

On next month’s Nevada ballot, there’s a question that’s a bit strange because its passage will have no noticeable effect.

The catch is that it opens up the possibility for legislators to make changes later, and it’s those changes that could be big. 1,641 more words

clive palmer & co.......(PUP or PUPPETS)

 So the liberal coalition with the aid of its other coalition has got what they wanted, a budget victory, a victory that aids the personal wealth of clive palmer at the expence of 20.000 superanuation  payers in Australia. 73 more words

I’m sorry, but I fail to see how repealing the mining tax, forgoing $6.5 billion of dollars of revenue, enlarging the buget deficit by the same amount, removing superannuation increases, killing off a general corporate tax cut and assistance for children’s education can be construed as a “ 75 more words


Curses And Silver Linings As Mining Tax Axed

THE ABOLITION — belatedly — of the mining tax yesterday is both a curse and a blessing; it allows Prime Minister Tony Abbott to add another item to the list of election promises delivered, but adds also to the growing list of “wins” achieved by the disruptive forces of Clive Palmer, with no justification and little merit, and at great cost. 1,655 more words