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VIDEO: This Toddler In A Minion Costume Is The Cutest Ever!

OK, so this little guy in a minion costume (from “Despicable Me”) is over the top cute.

But his reaction when he topples over from the weight of the costume is even funnier! 49 more words


Reasons Why My Newborn is Crying

Babies cry. A lot. From the day they escape their mom and are introduced to a room where people are poking and prodding them, they cry. 563 more words


The Dungeoneers (John David Anderson) – Cover Reveal

Hey MG Squinks …  Scroll down to see the cover of John David Anderson’s new book, The Dungeoneers 127 more words

Video Of The Day ... Best Halloween Costume "Fall" ... *Warning Cuteness Alert*

It’s that time of year of what to wear for Halloween.

This kid has one of top costumes for kids.

A MINION… Though it might be hard to see and/or walk in it! 18 more words



Here is a Minion I modeled in Blender software.