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Another Day, Another Dollar

“A job is death without the dignity”

Brendan Behan

This pretty much sums up my day.  One really can’t adequately express enough disdain for the general public until you’ve worked in retail.

Caution: Vegetables

Today I managed to poleaxe myself just clocking out for my lunch break, thanks to the utter disregard for health and safety (and my own personal propensity for clumsiness), as I tripped on a stack of bread crates and landed headfirst in the potato sacks. 202 more words

Minion's Musings

Minion’s Musings

What a waste of precious time,

This time I have to draw the line.

The boss is harping on and on

About the things I have done wrong. 30 more words

Various Crochet Hats

I’ve been experimenting with crochet hats for sone time now. Ever since it was decided that I needed to make  one for each one of my colleagues. 89 more words



For all of the following tutorials you will first need to download GameSalad.

Forest Adventure
Required Files

Ages: 10+
Rating: Medium
Time to complete: 30 – 60 minutes… 8 more words


Born to Sleep

Well it’s been an exhausting week for me. It started with being abandoned by the Henchpup: instead of staking out the rabbit hole like she SAID she would she ran home and left me on my own! 72 more words