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Reasons why you are undateable

I’ve never really been in a normal romantic date with someone. I do go out with my guy friends from time to time to watch movie and grab some coffee. 683 more words


Minion madness... part 3...

I sort of feel that any explanation I could give for this would only make me seem like maybe I’m not exactly normal… whatever that is…


Minion madness... part 2...

And yes… I know this is wrong on so many levels…

But I blame the crack squirrels that live in my head…


Despicable Me Sillhouettes

This is another design I have had in mind for ages. I knew I wanted an orange base colour for the Sillhouettes but I never got the motivation until now! 146 more words


Hearthstone - Balance Change to the Undertaker

Greetings Traveller! It seems that in the next update for Hearthstone, the Undertaker card will be receiving a change. It will no longer gain increased health from its card ability “Whenever you summon a minion with Deathrattle, gain +1/+1” This will be a welcomed change from regularly players of Hearthstone because a fully-fledged Deathrattle deck could make this minion ridiculously powerful! 316 more words


Minion Does Chicago

Spotted this lil guy in the shop window of Alliance Pastry in downtown Chicago