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The miniskirt

Here’s another statement piece you should try on this fall winter. I’m super excited with the miniskirt, probably because it’s the first time I don’t find it tacky… I usually wear miniskirts with oversized blazers or sweaters, it creates a comfy but irreverent look. 20 more words


AOA (에이오에이): Under the Streetlights (가로등 불 아래서)

*some parts sound like they have people in the background but I’m not too sure in all honesty xD*

 whoo 기억나니 baby 가로등 불 아래 우리 사랑했던 그때 709 more words

AOA (에이오에이)

AOA (에이오에이): Mini Skirt (짧은 치마)

*I am not adding the ad-libs because well there are a ton and it’d make it look messy xD Plus it’s actually easy to tell who does what ad-lib lmao* 637 more words

AOA (에이오에이)

AOA (에이오에이): Gonna Get Your Heart

*There were more lyrics but this is all that’s played in the actual audio from what I’ve heard. ALSO, I went on a whim and guessed that Yuna & Choa would be the girls in the intro. 102 more words

AOA (에이오에이)

Striped miniskirt time

One lucky day, I found 80cm of this dark chocolate/white satin in a charity shop and managed to get an adorable miniskirt out of it. 83 more words

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