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Earth calling Remission Control ... come in, Remission Control ... is anyone there?

Back in January, I noted on this blog that the tribunal fees remission scheme was providing ministers with a very small fig leaf as they sought to fend off increasingly alarmed suggestions that the hefty employment tribunal fees introduced in July 2013 were blocking workers’ access to justice. 831 more words


A Review of Day 1 of the Restorative Justice Conference.

Since the onset of discussions concerning the adoption of the restorative justice philosophy in Trinidad and Tobago, there has been an unhealthy focus on offenders. This arose due to the introduction of the term in the 2002 Penal Reform Task Force Report wherein restorative justice was intended to underpin the transformation of the prison service. 791 more words

Revenge porn to be criminalised in the UK: 6 reasons we desperately needed this law

This weekend the Ministry of Justice announced plans to criminalise revenge porn in the UK, meaning that the perpetrators – those who maliciously distribute private images of their former partners or other parties – will face prosecution. 909 more words


New parlour game: hunt the ET fees review

For much of this year, whenever the justice-denying impact of the employment tribunal fees introduced by the Ministry of Justice in July 2013 has been raised in public with business secretary Vince Cable or BIS employment relations minister Jenny Willott (covering Jo Swinson’s maternity leave), they have shielded themselves from any criticism by suggesting that the fees regime is under review. 705 more words


Anonymous Threatens To Release Thousands Of Chinese And Hong Kong Government Documents

Anonymous, the nebulous online activist group that uses hacking to further causes it supports, has threatened a major blackout of Chinese and Hong Kong government websites and to leak tens of thousands of government email address details. 498 more words


Better Early Than Never

A colleague of mine recently received a bad character application prepared by the prosecution. The application was sent out from the prosecution 12 days in advance of the next hearing in the case. 364 more words


Regina's Search and Rescue suspended by parent organization

Regina police rely on the help of search and rescue volunteers for some major missing persons cases: one of the most recent is the search for Brandy Wesaquate. 286 more words