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I love today.

Three years ago today I heard my name screamed from an office a few cubicles down from mine. My boss, the one who previously showed me a small vile of “potion” she said she used to cast spells on me, called me into her office. 521 more words

The BluePrint For Humble Service

Service: We all know what it means. We see it everyday. People starting non-profits because millions of people do not have clean water to drink, serving in their local churches, schools, food banks, orphanages. 631 more words

Stephen Rohrer

A Scarlet Letter and Scandalous Love

As I sit to write this,  I find myself clinging to the promise God gave me soon after my mom passed away and I found myself unable to process anything, ideas and inspiration came, but I just didn’t have the capacity to bring them to manifest. 2,192 more words


On Good Friday, Pinwheels and Wet Shoes

Holy week is a blur of images and moments, stories and memories.

Trees just beginning to finally bloom or sprout green. We are at the the children’s science museum in town this morning and I’m watching Anna play with these lovely blocks that are little trees. 341 more words


How do the Cross and the Resurrection drive the core values of our church?

Today is Good Friday. This is the day we remember Jesus’ death. In a couple of days we’ll be celebrating His resurrection.

Jesus’ death and resurrection are at the center of Christian thought and practice and, for each Christian, these realities should drive our individual daily lives. 544 more words


The Cross Through a Trinitarian Lens

Augustine writes in Bk. IV, Ch. 3 of De Trinitate,

Now there are four things to be considered in every sacrifice: whom it is offered to, whom it is offered by, what it is that is offered, and whom it is offered for.

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Join the league now, Welcome to NEWBREED

Welcome to NEWBREED.

NEWBREED is a multi-faceted ministry that helps to reinforce a strong sense of divine identity, heritage, purpose, potential and destiny; thereby changing mindsets and empowering individuals for the total life! 32 more words