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"End Equality Now" - Jesus

Most of us love the idea of equality. We like to think of a world where everyone is equal, where people are on the same plain and share a mutual respect as equals. 915 more words


Seizing Power

Last week I wrote about the word bossy here as it pertains to women, primarily how it pertains to me. The gist of the post was about how I don’t find the word bossy to be bad. 469 more words

Daily Living

A Spectator, A commentator, A Critic, An Artticle writer (Or) Are We fulfillers?

Have you Visited Your Cardiologist Recently? Here is the Result:

The Bible is very clear that our human heart is “deceitful and desperately wicked” ( 1,140 more words

Church Planting

"All Roads Lead To The Hospital"

       Oh, all roads lead to the hospital.  We’re born here, we get
         sick here, we get well here.  All these big dramatic moments
         and the hospital just gobbles ‘em up.  471 more words

Why I Finally Picked Up the Phone

Ever since I left Atheism in November of 2010, I’ve struggled with what God wanted me to do with the life He so graciously spared while I was busy being an idiot.  1,380 more words

Spiritual Matters

Swatting at doves

We most often are moving and going so frantically that God’s peace and blessing cannot land upon us.

If God’s peace descends like a dove, am all but swatting it away with my hectic grasping after success as defined by the American… 71 more words


The boy with 9 fingers & a smile

I took his little hand in mine as he greeted me with a genuine smile. He really does have only 4 fingers on his right hand… 662 more words