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Choosing the Right "P"

So, almost two months into full-time youth directorship (is that a word? I think I just made it up. If it’s not real, dibs on it), and I’ve been discovering something that I’ve only previously heard about. 574 more words


jesus is...

jesus is our salvation| http://wp.me/p40kIE-d9

jesus is our life| http://wp.me/p40kIE-d2

jesus is our light| http://wp.me/p40kIE-c2

jesus is our water| http://wp.me/p40kIE-bR

jesus remains our freedom| http://wp.me/p40kIE-bP… 14 more words



Several years ago, the 1990′s actually, the “What Would Jesus Do” movement went around.  It was loosely based on Sheldon’s book “In His Steps.”  It asked you the question when you were faced with a dilemma “What would Jesus do” in that situation. 242 more words


Fully Forgiven, Fully Free

When I’m asked, “Will God forgive me no matter what I do?” — I always say yes, no matter what you do.  That’s forgiveness, to the fullest. 439 more words


And I Pray!

I volunteer with a ministry that serves patients and their families throughout the cancer journey.  I am one of many that pray. Texts are electronically transmitted. 379 more words

6 - Other Good Stuff

Your Obstacles to Moving to Allendale

For almost a year, we have been communicating that we would be leaving Allendale. Many people have asked us, “Is anyone going to come and take your place?” The short answer is, “No.” 849 more words


Some Exposition

I need to try again.

I keep searching for words to fit my faith journey this past year, but I can’t and so I’m moving forward with this writing project anyway. 367 more words