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Pastor Goes to Chapel

I debated whether or not to go to worship. I mean, I’m visiting a college campus, and not for my own good. I brought a teen member of my congregation to tour my churches “college of ministry” to see if she might want to be a teacher. 535 more words

The Oppressed

If you can’t get out of it, it’s oppression.

Pray with me today for those needing God’s deliverance. Pray with me that He does not tarry!


More than Mega-church Collapse, 3: On Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill and what we need to learn before it’s too late

This week, Seattle mega-church pastor Mark Driscoll was forced to resign after a investigations into his leadership. I am surprised by how much it affected me. 1,184 more words


Important, but Not Urgent

One of the most practical aspects of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is habit 3: Do the most important things first. In this section he describes the distinction between important and urgent tasks. 574 more words


The honest one

What ministry/the Christian life often feels like:


Behind the Mask: Being Real in a Fake World

You look forward to the evening once a year when adorable kids come to your house and knock on your door, saying “Trick or treat.” Dressed up as princesses, ghosts and superheroes, they proudly wear their masks and costumes. 460 more words

Women & Ministry

The Sophia Project Part II

This week, get an inside look at the life and ministries of Graham and Mimi Walker.