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The Frustration of Our Timing Versus God's Timing

movingmountains-andfollowingcats asked a question:

Hey Pastor Park, what are some Bible stories (not just short verses) that talk about waiting patiently when it seems like God’s promises are taking forever? 881 more words


Hospitality is a Wonderful Gift...

This past week, I have been about 350 miles from home ministering at a wonderful church Bristolville Church of the Brethren in Bristolville, OH. I have a had a great time and have been truly blessed. 325 more words


Throwback Thursday ~ It's OK To Be Ordinary

Originally published: January 16, 2013

Satisfaction Through Christ is getting in on our Throwback Thursday too! This article is running concurrently over at STC. 298 more words


"Angels and Men the Lord Ordains": A New Hymn Written to Celebrate Twenty Five Years in the Ministry

The pulpit is a blessedly dangerous place to stand. He whom the Lord places there is to speak truths that have got some men killed. Yet speak them he must. 557 more words

Poems And Hymns

Mom the Teacher

A friend and fellow pastor’s wife stopped by the house yesterday to drop of a few things for church. The twins and I were in the middle of ‘school’. 382 more words


{Turning tragedy into Thanksgiving} Mitch's story.

Written by: Mitch Horner

Though this house may burn, I will stand firm. This statement when taken in its literal form bears to question my sanity. 947 more words

The Secrets of Preaching

If every ministry school taught as Tony so accurately puts it, “…wanting students to go to the pulpit because they love the Bible; not go to the Bible because they love the pulpit; wanting them to show Jesus as the hero of the Bible — and the hero of every sermon they preach.” – How would our church look now? 709 more words