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Glorious Ruins...

I came across what can only be described as a tree graveyard on Hunting Island in South Carolina.  Dead trees covered the beach, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.   181 more words


Moving from Manna to Maturity in Ministry

God is calling us to a new season. In the past many small ministries led by women have survived by having fund-raisers, asking for donations, borrowing, or reaching into their own purses (begging, borrowing, and stealing). 573 more words


Is Christianity Getting Better or Worse?

Christians often follow a narrative that assumes everything is getting worse. Sermons, books, and movies preach that the End Times are just around the corner, and apocalyptic doom is an unavoidable fact. 773 more words


Stop Living Like Jesus

This is short and sweet today but I feel like this is more important than pages upon pages of commentary.

We have a mission, a goal, an assignment – It’s not about impressing anyone; It’s not about ME being the center of attention; It’s not about ME getting a pat on the back; It’s not about ME being the one the pastor calls all the time; It’s not about ME going into full-time ministry; It’s not about ME doing this or that – IT’S ABOUT HIM. 199 more words


German ministry to buy 20,000 BlackBerrys to foil the NSA

BlackBerry is about to get some business and it has the NSA to thank for that, well sort of.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel showing off her BlackBerry  123 more words



Have you ever found a bump on your leg and wondered where it came from? Just kidding… I’m not going to talk about that kind of growth. 560 more words

Steve Cullum

10 Things FPD Taught Me

FPD stands for Forerunner Partnership Development. It is a campaign used by missionaries to go and share their vision with supporters and to build a partnership team so that they can be released into full time ministry. 1,017 more words