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Work In Progress

Title: Brandt’s Fishing

Genre: Mini Documentary

Job Title: Producer, Director, Editor

Location: Onamia, MN


I am currently working on a mini documentary about the highs and lows of owning and operating a 42 year old fishing resort on the beautiful Lake Mille Lacs, located in central Minnesota. 43 more words

Brandt's Resort

Is the littlest E at MN DNR eating? Yep, just got a good meal!

There was some concern today when the littlest eaglet at the Minnesota DNR was seen not eating and looking lethargic during an earlier feeding.  Watchers reported that he had eaten early in the day, but wondered about him laying down and not eating throughout a full feeding later.  48 more words


This is the winter that never ends ...

Raise your hand if you’re tired of winter? OK, just wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page. Luckily, even if we get the big pile we’re forecasted to get on Friday, it won’t stick around long. 325 more words

Hatch #3 has arrived at the Minnesota DNR nest!

Chatters are affectionately calling the hatchlings “snap”, “crackle” and “pop”, and “pop” has popped!  How wonderful to see three eaglets in this nest this year!  Food on the nest seems plenty and looks like mom has the “keep feeding the first two so that they don’t bother the third” strategy going.  35 more words


Pip in egg #3 at Minnesota DNR!

Late this afternoon, a good sized pip was seen in the third egg at DNR!  yea!  Hope we see a third hatchling in the morning!   Some good pics on the… 14 more words


Second hatch in progress at Minnesota DNR!

Yoohoo, bobblehead #2 is working on getting out of the pesky shell!  You go little one!  link to cam: http://www.webcams.dnr.state.mn.us/eagle/


Pip at DNR!

Woohoooo!!!  we have a pip at the Minnesota DNR nest!   I think everyone (okay maybe only me lol) has been holding their breath, hoping like crazy that we have hatches this year at this nest.  30 more words