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Throwback Thursday - 2004 Minnie Driver Charcoal Portrait

I have a thing for British leading Ladies. My Wife can attest to this fact. Keira Knightley and Kate Beckinsale can do no wrong in my book, but Minnie Driver takes the leading roll as my all time favorite actress (british or not). 113 more words

Pilots and Premieres: "About a Boy" - Series Premiere

Who:  “About a Boy,” currently airs on network TV, specifically on NBC, Tuesdays at 9:00 PM.

What: “About a Boy,” a situation comedy based on the book and, loosely, the film of the same name starring Hugh Grant and Toni Collette, with David Walton and Minnie Driver in the respective roles.   1,006 more words

Stage Fright 2014

The Venn diagram showing the number of people who like musicals and the number of people who like slasher movies surely has a minimal intersection; writer/director Jerome Sable deserves credit for not chickening out on either genre for his entertaining hybrid Stage Fright. 145 more words


New Reality Show "Paps on PaTroll" Gets Greenlight

Have you heard?  Ryan Seacrest Productions has confirmed they will start casting new reality show “Paps on PaTroll” shortly.

To be eligible for casting you must possess zero perspective, perception or empathy for others as evidenced by an ability to spew hateful and hurtful vitriol towards celebs online.   281 more words

Good Will Hunting(Review)


 fter someone yelled at me for not seeing the classic Good Will Hunting, and it somehow haunting me on Netflix for months, I finally sat down and watched this sucker. 401 more words

Movie Review

Minnie Driver on Why She Douses Her Head in Coconut Oil

What’s the secret to Minnie Driver‘s envy-enducing locks? When we caught up with the star at an event for Claritin (Driver is the brand’s celebrity spokesperson), we asked her to reveal her secret to keeping her curls so healthy, and as it turns out, she has coconut oil to thank for her soft, defined ringlets.”Every two weeks, I cover my head in coconut oil and I leave it on the whole day. 189 more words

Channel Fashion

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Minnie Driver's curls are magnificent, so will definitely give this coconut oil tip a try... (perhaps with a nice fruity cocktail, reclining in a shady spot on a banana lounge, with a book for that whole Island Getaway feeling).

Sing me a scare? Scare me a song?

If only the dual focuses (foci?) of this blog could converge in some really potent fashion…

If only there were, say, a film that slapped together horror and musical theatre – not a well-known camp horror musical, mind you, but a new, original musical theatre-oriented slasher film… 1,125 more words