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Good Will Hunting (1997)

I would like to start off this review by stating plainly that this is my all-time favorite film. I would never go to such lengths as to suggest that this is the “best” film ever made, but rather that it contains all the things that I truly care about in a movie — simply good writing, good acting, and an enlightening theme. 758 more words

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Stage Fright (2014) | Shriek and shriek again – The summer camp slasher genre gets a Gleeful musical makeover

On the opening night of her Broadway-bound musical The Haunting of the Opera, diva Kylie Swanson (Minnie Driver) is brutally murdered. 443 more words


'About a Boy' fan recap: There's always room in the love bubble for you

Season 2 | Episode 11 | “About a Hook” | Aired Jan 27, 2015

Picking up right where we left off two weeks ago when… 899 more words

8 Things to Do in New York's Art World Before January 31


Opening: “Claudia Comte: NO MELON NO LEMON” at Gladstone Gallery

Claudia Comte first gained some notoriety when Neville Wakefield and his then-girlfriend Olympia Scarry deigned her worthy of inclusion in their manic group show installed in the hallowed slopes of Gstaad, Switzerland, the ultimate chalet-dotted spot for jetsetting billionaire ski bums. 774 more words

'About a Boy' recap: Houses of lies

Season 2 | Episode 10 | “About a Boy Becoming a Man” | Aired Jan 13, 2014

While I was on vacation last week it seems I missed an important… 1,001 more words

Minnie Driver at InStyle Post-Golden Globes Party

Red Carpet Look: For this year’s InStyle party Minnie wanted a red lip, so we agreed that the eyes should be subtle and complimentary. I wish there was a close up of the eyes because they were one of my favorite. 212 more words