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Now I'm Happy.

I’ve been plotting out my NaNo novel (as one does), and during the process realized that my main character is someone I already know.

Let me backtrack: I have a great fondness for writing sequels. 188 more words


Preparing for the Beast ~ Don't Forget Those Minor Characters!

Characters are all-important.  Seriously.   If there is a book with a weak plot, unoriginal voice, or cheesy dialogue, I will still plug through it if there are good characters.   392 more words


Strangers in stories

There are more people in the world that you don’t know than people you do. A somewhat mind-boggling thought, since the first few people who come to mind will almost certainly be people you  481 more words

Just Blogging

Creating A Powerful Theme Part Seven: Exploring Alternatives with the Minor Characters

For the past month, we’ve been looking at how our characters function as moral examples, and how, for the main characters, this manifests in the… 847 more words


George Wickham: How Jane Austen Masterfully Uses a Minor Character to Drive the Main Plot

How a Minor Character Controls the Story’s Action: Jane Austen’s Use of George Wickham

Previously, on Austenesque Extravganza, I interviewed our favorite bad boy, Mr. George Wickham. 1,272 more words

Regency Era

50 books in a year: #24 Wonder

R.J. Palacio’s Wonder was a pretty good book. It’s a fictional account of a boy named August “Auggie” Pullman who has a facial abnormality. I would have called it a deformity, but the characters in the book seem offended by the word, and I don’t know the author’s relationship with people who have facial abnormalities. 277 more words

50 Books

Ding! Character's done.

I’d like to say, dear readers, I wish you were all here so I could share some of this delicious hot apple cider I’ve mixed with Maker’s Mark, but I’m also a terribly selfish person and I don’t think Jason would approve of me having a ton of strangers in his house for no reason other than sharing my booze. 792 more words