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Fleshing Out the Minors in Fiction

It’s easy to be focused on your main characters and to put your creative energy as a writer into just those characters you adore – the Good Guy and the Bad Guy, mainly – and leave until last (or leave out altogether) the small guys and gals that provide background support. 199 more words



Just wrote the 27,028th word in my new novel GANI & SEAN, and minor characters are dropping like swatted flies!

To Be Frank

Frank Churchill. In the pattern of casting a Jane Austen novel, Frank is “the rake/rogue” in Emma, joining the company of Wickham, Willoughby, Henry Crawford, John Thorpe, and William Elliot. 301 more words


On minor characters: Meet Sern

Sern was introduced in Chapter 11 of the novel I’m working on (so about 11,000 words in – my chapters are short) and appears frequently, but only got his name in Chapter 41. 186 more words

30 DAYS OF WRITES: The Gang's All Here!

*This post is a part of the 30 Days of Writes – One Page A Day, for the month-long A to Z Blog Challenge. If you want to see more A to Z participants click on the link  527 more words

A To Z Challenge

Visible: Adaptation

While adapting a printed text into a screenplay, being able to form mental images from the words on the page is essential.  When I read Borges’  174 more words


Divergent Movie

Spoiler Warning: Divergent (first book and movie)

I read Divergent a few months ago in anticipation for the upcoming movie which I had the chance to go see yesterday. 456 more words