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Islam in the Media; The Currumbin Mosque Melee

Tom Moldoveanu on the perceptions of Islam in the Media and a look closer to home with the recent events of the Currumbin Mosque proposal. 16 more words

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We are close to a downward spiral.N

The white man is inferior to minorities. Minorities are either not intelligent enough, too poor, or simply don’t care about education. When you find the selected few who do care about education, they receive financial aid for school. 328 more words


How is cultural assimilation affected by community leaders?

Why do certain immigrant groups tend to assimilate, while others don’t? This post argues that immigrant institutions (such as religious communities or foreign language media) have an important role in determining the degree of assimilation. 1,560 more words


Embrace Diversity, Evolve Perspectives & Educate Others

“My race is double, not half.”
- Brittany Verner,
Ann Arbor, MI
The Race Card Project

We’re mixed – half Asian,
half Caucasian. While our genes may only be “half” of each race, our backgrounds are a combination of two uniquely different heritages that gives us “double” the cultural perspective. 773 more words

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Sharpton Reflects on Struggle Today


By: LaGloria Wheatfall

Rev. Al Sharpton said the erosion of voting rights continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing African-Americans today. 695 more words


Teens Seek Ways to Reduce Rising HIV Rates


By: LaGloria Wheatfall

MEXICO CITY — There is a new trend that is running wild among Black teens. It isn’t a new designer jean or an expensive cell phone rapper 50 Cent endorsed. 472 more words


Reception Honors Congresswoman Barbara Lee


By: LaGloria Wheatfall

MEXICO CITY — The Black AIDS Institute hosted a reception honoring Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Wednesday night at the Marquis Reforma, The Ballroom in Mexico City. 260 more words