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Immaturity in the Modern World

Regardless of race, creed, religion, and origin we can all have a slip up from time to time and conduct ourselves in an immature way. But what do others perceive this immaturity as? 525 more words


Book of the Week: Lean In

This week I read Lean In. There need to be more women leaders, because women are awesome and the man is keeping them from being awesome. 322 more words


Global Minorities Alliance candlelit vigil - in pictures


#Peshawar #BokoHaram #Baga #CharlieHebdo #ParisAttacks #Freedomofspeech #antisemitism #islamophobia #interfaith #GMABlog

A vigil held in Aberdeen on Friday (23 January) called for worldwide peace following the recent atrocities in Paris, Pakistan and Nigeria. 536 more words

Human Rights

"Something Obscene About Civil Asset Forfeitures": A Practice That Incentivizes Police To Steal From Law Abiding Citizens

Imagine this:

You get pulled over by police. Maybe they claim you were seven miles over the speed limit, maybe they say you made an improper lane change. 639 more words


Racial Division In A “Cultural Institution”

Since the 1954 Board of Education vs. Brown decision to ensure equal educational opportunities, America still has not reached a consensus on the standard of fair treatment for its non-white students, within its educational system. 653 more words


Reflections for Advocates: A Recent Convo with an Inequality Skeptic

I’ve been slightly delayed in releasing my first post of 2015. I’m currently in South Africa on a class trek learning about their economy. Of course, you can’t go to South Africa without checking out Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held, and the Apartheid Museum. 689 more words