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Talking to Your Child About Race & Racism

“Mama, why is that policeman hitting that man?” exclaimed our 6-year old boy. From the alarming tone in his voice I knew that he was disturbed as I was by the mayhem displayed before us. 1,112 more words

Societal Issues

An American Dilemma

Many of us (i.e., white Americans) are surprised by the recent and not-so-recent events in Ferguson. To many white people, the recurrence of such stark racial issues reeks of a time forty or fifty years past, irrelevant to a so-called post-racial America. 515 more words

"The Committee," by Julie Schumacher--My Amazon.com review*

My “book review” is actually more my own review of what higher education is rapidly becoming. I do highly recommend this book to any and all who have experience with higher education in whatever position and at whatever level. 825 more words

Surviving Academia

1964 Expulsions and the Istanbul Rum: A Turning Point in the Homogenization of Turkish Society

There will be held a comprehensive conference in 31st October-1st November at Istanbul Bilgi University owing to 50th anniversary of exile of Greek minority from Turkey. 430 more words


The beginning of Community organizing in Moldova

Moldova is one of the poorest European countries trying to enter European Union (with a lack of job opportunities and estimated wage around 220 Euros/month). At the end of August Romanian community organizer, Iustina Neagu, conducted the training in Moldova as a part t… 1,013 more words

Global Problems

Living as a Woman in Philadelphia: A Male Perspective/Apology

As an oddly dressed, slightly bearded young man, I walk down the street with great ease. With my headphones on, I pay as little or as much attention to my surroundings as I like, be it day or night. 576 more words

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Marijuana Legislation in PA/Philly: Storify

Marijuana legalization and/or decriminalization is one of the hottest political topics in PA, and especially in Philadelphia.

In a city where nearly half the population is Black… 48 more words

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