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The Protest

Every subway station, from my local one in Queens, through Union Square, to Brooklyn Bridge, where the protest was located, seemed to have cops posted in it, randomly searching bags. 612 more words

Is our father a rapist?: Why we don't want to believe that The Cos could be a sexual predator

TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the testimonies and terminology used may be a trigger for survivors of sexual assault.

Bill Cosby has been a prominent image in his hometown of Philadelphia for decades, but amid allegations that he has sexually assaulted numerous women during that time, his image has never been more in question. 812 more words

Minority Issues Beat


We all watched live as rioters looted and set fire to businesses in Ferguson after the news that Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, would not be indicted.  1,166 more words


Armani love black

Mr Armani has long utilised his ever-popular Armani Exchange t-shirts, as a means of spreading the message of tolerance and love.

His ‘I love Black’ and ‘For the love of Black’ t-shirts couldn’t have come at a better time, in light of the issues of race still plaguing the US. 26 more words

Minority Times

Talking to Your Child About Race & Racism

“Mama, why is that policeman hitting that man?” exclaimed our 6-year old boy. From the alarming tone in his voice I knew that he was disturbed as I was by the mayhem displayed before us. 1,112 more words

Societal Issues

An American Dilemma

Many of us (i.e., white Americans) are surprised by the recent and not-so-recent events in Ferguson. To many white people, the recurrence of such stark racial issues reeks of a time forty or fifty years past, irrelevant to a so-called post-racial America. 515 more words