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Surveillance in the Movies: Fact vs. Fiction

For those of us who don’t work at a spy agency, the “intel” we’ve gathered on what state surveillance is like comes primarily from movies and TV shows. 751 more words

Innovations I'm scared of

Maybe it’s silly of me, but once again, I’m a child of the eighties, I’ve watched Terminator 1 and 2 many times, I’ve read 1984, I’ve watched Minority Report. 106 more words


Sweatin' to the Movies

The decisive right of passage for any adult male is the inevitable construction of the “man-cave.” Though its name suggests prehistoric connotations of Neanderthal-like quality wherein a man might exhibit all of his stereotypical gruffness, the truth of the matter is that a man-cave is a place in the home devoid of any and all purpose other than comfort. 1,089 more words

day #77

Getting my geek on. When it comes to stylish imaginings of the future this has few equals. I especially love the slight seventies olive corduroy and flowers edge, tho you don’t really see it in this clip


Minority Report Everybody Runs Stats and Records

There is no stage select in this game so there are no stats….

Game Records

Minority Report Everybody Runs Review

On my video game quest to own all of the games worth owning, I sometimes like to take a step back and aim for a game that’s from the older generation. 1,317 more words


top five spielberg movies - impossible task?

I thought it would be fun to post an occasional top five list.  I thought I would start with an easy one – the work of the best director who has ever lived, Steven Spielberg.   64 more words