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Attack of the Future


The future is coming.  Books are digital, cashiers have been replaced by self-checkout, and one of the Kardashians will make silver jumpsuits popular outside of NASA by next Fashion Week.   759 more words

Another If, Then Scenario

If you liked The Town, you’ll probably like American Hustle.

If you liked Munich, you’ll probably like Syriana.

If you liked Bring It On, you’ll probably like Drop Dead Gorgeous. 36 more words


Evaluating: Public Feedback

Evaluating practice is important. Even if we can’t see the outcomes right at the beginning, we must assess how to notice when we’re going in the right direction by getting feedback. 405 more words

Evaluating Practice

Razorfish Helps Shopping Go a Little "Minority Report".

This is a little bit cool, a little bit creepy, and a little bit “Minority Report“. Razorfish Emerging Experiences group has prototyped a next gen retail experience that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) indoor location-based tracking to serve up content to your smartphone, or live screens in proximity to you as you shop. 155 more words


(Pedal) power to the people

The devil makes work for idle handlebars I suppose. Seeing as I hadn’t been able to get out on my bike at the weekend, I thought I’d use the time to lobby all deputies by outlining my main reasons for supporting the Transport Strategy Minority Report which is due to be debated at the end of the month. 578 more words


the internet knows more about you than your parents

Where do I even begin my discussion on privacy? The more I learn the more I am concerned about the increasingly less and less privacy I have, particularly in regards to communication technologies. 545 more words

The Top 10 Tech Movies of the Millennium

It’s time. Fourteen years into the millennium, the top 10 tech films need to be crowned.

“Tech” Movies

I’ll admit: this list is more “mainstream tech” than “geeky tech.” Think super hero, special agent and space exploration (though we’ll still get a little computer hacking and time travel for good measure). 2,087 more words