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It Comes Naturally: Advice On Growing An Organic Garden

There is a lot of information about horticulture, but the knowledge will pay off in the long run.Now that you’ve read through these tips, you can hopefully be more knowledgeable about gardening, so you can get more from it. 1,208 more words

Beautiful Garden

Tips For Having A Bountiful And Productive Garden

Organic horticulture is a very cost-efficient way to grow fruits and equipment. Here are some strategies to aid you learn to garden organically.

Lay sod properly. 2,129 more words

Good Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pests

Seeing creatures lurking about the house is irksome. Does your current pest control plans not control insects and rodents? You’d probably like to handle the problem on your own before calling for professional help. 793 more words

Gardening Tips For New And Advanced Gardeners

There isn’t a better time than now! You may have tons of questions about how you should get started and what should be done first, but don’t worry, the article below will help with lots of useful information. 1,447 more words

Strawberry-Pineapple-Mint Juice

1/2 large pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into cubes
1 cup strawberries
1 pear
30 mint leaves

*Adapted from Reboot Your Life.™

30 Days of Juicing


Simple and Refreshing - Iced Herbal Tea with Fruit and Mint

I love mason jars. Anything stored in a mason jar just seems so much more special – beans, lentils, soup, chocolate chips, compost tea, whatever. A mason jar makes its contents look homey, rustic, quaint, and beautiful. 447 more words

Backyard Owl Basics

Griddled bread with ricotta, mint, chilli and lemon

A suitcase and a spatula, 144pp.
by Tori Haschka
Ryland Peters and Small, London, 2013
Cooking on page 32

The author loves to eat, cook and travel, so it’s not surprising that she managed to combine these loves and be able to gallivant around the world (often on weekends) sampling food and collecting recipes. 320 more words

Light Meal