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Tips for Drinking More Water.

This year, I have been beginning my journey to drink more water. I believe that I have been pretty successful and want to share my tips with you! 174 more words


Canada Exchange - 5

So for this post I’m going to discuss some translations issues I’ve had whilst being in Canada.

“But Stephanie, They speak English in Canada and in Scotland, where is the issue?” 419 more words


Mio România: piața locală de dispozitive GPS va urca anul acesta la 5,5 milioane de euro

• Utilizatorii preferă produse complete, mai scumpe, cu hărți preinstalate și cu funcții de top
• Actualizarea hărților devine un factor tot mai important pentru utilizatori în decizia de a cumpăra dispozitive GPS… 572 more words


Top 30 das músicas de anime para cantar em Karaoke

No site Charapedia fizeram a seguinte questão a mais de 10 000 fãs de anime: “Quais são as vossas canções favoritas nos animes para se cantar num karaoke?” O público foi maioritariamente masculino (52.7%) e com as idades por volta dos vinte anos (77.5%) e com as respostas mais dadas criou-se então a seguinte lista (carregue no nome para aceder à música): 143 more words

First Time Heart Rate Monitor User: Mio Link, First Glance

I have been running for about 9 years, since I first started college and had notions about myself being an undiscovered sprinting superstar. Although I was wrong about being Usain Bolt’s greatest living competition, I quickly developed a love for athletics, running, races and the great feeling it always leaves you with in its aftermath. 1,010 more words


Me? Oh, Mio Alpah 2

“Running is a pretty minimal sport but some of the new gadgets and technology have really made things fun and given runners much more information to train with.” 686 more words