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Ch.1.1 Principles of Miracles - Comments

A Course in Miracles – Ch.1.1  Principles of Miracles
Transcript of Explanatory Comments by Robin Duncan

If you’re beginning your study of A Course in Miracles, you have an amazing journey ahead of you. 2,457 more words

A Course In Miracles

A mixed bag...

To people who know me well, I am a riot of emotions. I can laugh, cry and feel rage, all at the same time. To others, I might across as a manipulative you-know-what. 638 more words


Where Credit is Due

Jesus said every sin could be forgiven – except one!  He freely associated with people who were caught up in sinful behavior that shocked the religious leaders.   630 more words

The Character Of God

~Eyes Open, My Love~

When things get real, my first thought is to shut my eyes tight, plug my ears & sing “Jesus loves me” at the top of my lungs. 396 more words

You and Me Together

也一起看電影 go to movies

也一起吃爆米花 share a large popcorn

也一起去搭摩天輪 ride on ferries wheel

也一起去露營 go camping at Okuma

也一起去健行 go unexpected hiking

也一起視訊睡覺 skype sleep every night… 29 more words


Making His Power Known

At the beginning of this year, Craig challenged all LifeChurch.tv staff to identify a word and a verse that will serve as the focus for the year.   658 more words

Trying To Get Pregnant