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Eighties Hot Hatch - 1986 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo

So if you’re bought into the idea of a 1980s hatch, but you’re not a hipster looking to make a statement with a diesel Escort, nor do you want a boring mainstream GTI or Civic Si, and you’re not crazy enough to try importing an Alfasud ti. 385 more words


Turning Mirage’s Into an Oasis

One of the most outstanding things in the desert is always the power to see far beyond and behold the beauty of the sand dunes the scenic view of masses of sand forming various shapes as they are blown all over by strong harsh winds moving to and fro sideways and in all manner of directions. 364 more words

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Tales of the TMNT #1 Review

During their stay up in Northampton, the turtles and Casey and April are visited by Casey’s nutso cousin Sid who’s apparently part of a gang. Sid’s gang is searching for Grandpa Jones’s treasure, and so the turtles are out to take him down! 232 more words


2014 Philadelphia Film Festival: The Mirage

Mirage tells the story of an African football player in a small Hungarian town, who commits a crime and has to flee. He finds refuge on a farm deep in the Hungarian flatland. 24 more words

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Enter In Mirage

Where deserts undulate in moving landscape,

Come away, enter in mirage,

Penetrate hazed sandscape gathered round us,

Whirling golden pockets risen fast,

Ride to dusk in ship upon sands’ ocean, … 44 more words


Pittsburgh: Why the Mitsubishi Mirage Belongs on Your Shopping List

When other cars and SUVS are gulping gas, the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is merely sipping it. With the best gasoline-mileage rating in the US, this car is priced less than an average used car. 167 more words


Return on investment on marketing. A mirage or a strategic business plan?

This opinion piece is in response to Daniel Newman’s article on Marketing ROI: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.


Well it is to my understand that R.O.I or return on investment is the net profit after subtracting the amount paid for in Marketing. 694 more words