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Ever heard of a "pooping mirage?"

Every night I take my three small dogs on a walk around the neighborhood. I enjoy this because I am introverted and enjoy thinking about solutions to my problems. 220 more words


January 2015

Dear January 2015,

You have been great so far. Lots of page views and actually a couple of small sales. Lets finish out strong and get rid of all the current stock as well as having a few more 100+/day page views. 102 more words

Comic Books

Mirage: Chapter 8

Read Mirage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

It was Cedric.

“What the heck—what are you doing here? 2,655 more words


Mirage 2000: No Illusion

Just a little pictorial tribute to one of my favourite fighters; the Dassault Mirage 2000. When I was six, my parents took me to an airshow in Farnborough. 319 more words


ISIS Aims to Occupy Mecca

The recent early morning clash between a Saudi border patrol and extremists trying to enter Saudi Arabia from Iraq appears to be the latest indicator of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) intent to expand its influence and control from its stronghold in Syria and Iraq south into Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and th…

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Daily News


I stroll on my ideas,
the one that makes me feel less,
the one that lose on myself,
the disbelief, to be something more,
the curse of being the same each day, 62 more words


the people

claas and steph teamed up in may 2014 for a trip in early 2015 into the desert. according to the news, some regions and countries were out of the question, because of high risk of rebels and terrorists groups. 14 more words