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Japan Open 2014 - Mirai Nagasu

Being a Mirai Nagasu fan ever since Vancouver Olympics, it was hair-raising to watch her finally nail her jumps. She skated to Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, which was difficult to connect because she did not have enough drama to interpret it. 117 more words

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Michael Weiss Foundation: 10th Annual Ice Champions Live

Missed last year’s show, so it was our first time in the new venue.  They seem to still be adjusting to it; the process of getting everyone in and seated was a mess.   419 more words

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The Figure Skating Season is Definitely Underway Now

Whose bright idea was it to have a competition in Utah and one in Japan on the same weekend?  The timing it terrible; there isn’t even a pause to take a proper nap in between when things in Salt Lake conclude for one day and things start in Nagoya for the next!   299 more words

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