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The politics of purity and compromise

The rhetoric of western leaders, as we once again prepare to wage war against Islamic peoples, has reminded me of the ways that I think the politics of purity (a politics that wants to neatly define who is in, who is out and, most importantly, where it is that “we” stand) has captivated our political imaginations. 352 more words

Political Discontent

Christians, Muslims and Hope in an ISIS and 9/11 World.

There are no appropriate words that can encapsulate the horrors we are seeing almost daily in Iraq, as well as in Syria. This is not to mention the continuing conflicts in Israel/Gaza, which fill our newsfeeds nonstop. 3,343 more words

Theological food for the hungry vs. theological food for the connoisseur (Miroslav Volf)

Miroslav Volf uses the metaphor of food, chefs, and connoisseurs as he refers to the difference between theology applied for everyday life and mere theological speculation done by the highly trained theologians. 113 more words

Christian Life