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Christians, Muslims and Hope in an ISIS and 9/11 World.

There are no appropriate words that can encapsulate the horrors we are seeing almost daily in Iraq, as well as in Syria. This is not to mention the continuing conflicts in Israel/Gaza, which fill our newsfeeds nonstop. 3,343 more words

Theological food for the hungry vs. theological food for the connoisseur (Miroslav Volf)

Miroslav Volf uses the metaphor of food, chefs, and connoisseurs as he refers to the difference between theology applied for everyday life and mere theological speculation done by the highly trained theologians. 113 more words

Christian Life

Of Reconciliation

Suffering, in the eyes of the Christian tradition, is part and parcel of faith. Christians yearn to imitate Christ in their lives, and looking at Christ’s suffering through his passion and death, it is clear that suffering is part and parcel of their faith journeys. 313 more words

Stories and Social Justice (a sandwich)

The short answer, for why I write on this blog is because it satisfies an itch.  I get tired of ugly things. Not to say that my blog is the most beautiful piece of writing ever to grace the interwebs. 618 more words