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Theology of Joy: Jürgen Moltmann & Miroslav Volf

One day after the first Yale Center for Faith & Culture Theology of Joy consultation in Tübingen (funded by the John Templeton Foundation), Miroslav Volf engages his Doktorvater, Jürgen Moltmann, on some of the most fundamental questions of Moltmann’s work. 10 more words


Theology of Joy: N. T. Wright with Miroslav Volf

N.T. Wright and Miroslav Volf discuss the theological subject of joy, following the first Yale Center for Faith and Culture Theology of Joy consultation in Tübingen, Germany (June 26, 2014).


God on the sidelines

I’ve been wrestling with a few significant theological issues over the past few months, and while I’m getting closer to making up my mind on some, a lot of these ideas are the biggies– sin, Atonement, the problem of evil, the role of prayer, of Scripture … but the question I’ve been struggling the most with has been… 1,021 more words


Reformation Day!

It has become fashionable in some Protestant circles to poo-poo the Reformation or focus only upon its less impressive aspects and results, intended and unintended. And while I certainly mourn the destruction of beautiful Gothic abbeys and, indeed, the suppression of monasticism at large (why not Reformed reformed Benedictine orders?), as well as the unintended splintering of Protestants into a million factions with millions of individualist popes, I would like to focus on the positive aspects of the Reformation in this post. 1,015 more words


We can give to bribe, to insult or deceive…

“We can give to bribe, to insult or deceive, to pump ourselves up and deflate others, to hide abuse, or for many other similar ignoble reasons. 48 more words


Re-rethinking polytheists and persecutions (a palinode)

Every once in a while, a blogger has an idea that he or she would like to be true. Some of these thoughts remain unexpressed because one knows that there is insufficient evidence to argue for the existence of Sasquatch or of dinosaurs alive in Africa.* Sometimes, a blogger can’t help oneself and tries to push the evidence farther than it can go. 1,414 more words

Classic Christianity