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Mirror Therapy Part 2

~ I am unlovable ~

We all at one point or another believed this sentence and some of us still do to this day. We are taught or we learn that the messages we are given says we are not lovable. 1,081 more words


Visual Dominance: You have it...and so does your CVA patient.

I just recently finished 8 weeks at an excellent neuro-rehab facility.  During my time there I presented an inservice proposing visual dominance as an indication for mirror therapy, but as I suggested during my talk–I think this sensory preference could go much further than indicating the use of a mirror during stroke rehab if we take advantage of it.  2,163 more words

Physical Therapy

Mirror Therapy

Mirror therapy is about healing the emotional self, our child within. This therapy helps to heal the damage to a persons’ self-image and self-esteem caused by negative parental messages (primary care givers) or “mirrors”. 1,280 more words


Complex regional pain syndrome

Some of you will know what complex regional pain syndrome is – others might not, so I’ll describe it for you.

Imagine your hand (or it could be a foot, an ear, or any part of the body really). 882 more words

Chronic Pain