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Visual Dominance: You have it...and so does your CVA patient.

I just recently finished 8 weeks at an excellent neuro-rehab facility.  During my time there I presented an inservice proposing visual dominance as an indication for mirror therapy, but as I suggested during my talk–I think this sensory preference could go much further than indicating the use of a mirror during stroke rehab.

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Mirror Therapy

Mirror therapy is about healing the emotional self, our child within. This therapy helps to heal the damage to a persons’ self-image and self-esteem caused by negative parental messages (primary care givers) or “mirrors”. 1,280 more words


Complex regional pain syndrome

Some of you will know what complex regional pain syndrome is – others might not, so I’ll describe it for you.

Imagine your hand (or it could be a foot, an ear, or any part of the body really). 882 more words

Chronic Pain


In my previous life, I let people walk all over me, never expressed how I truly felt, and wallowed in anger in private.  All of this anger and stress probably contributed to my stroke.  301 more words


Smiling Through Tears - Sisterly Advice for a Betrothed Brother

June 24 2014 -

My younger brother Dan called two days ago and announced his intentions to get married. He is living in a community on the other side of the country, and we have only spoken a handful of times this year. 707 more words