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I am at this moment shaking my head in utter disbelief, disappointment and frustration. The amount of casual selfishness that I see around me is often amazing…people who finish the last of the cream in the fridge at work, those who will park their vehicle so that it is partly blocking your driveway, or even those who tick-tack away at their cell phone while sitting at the dinner table. 219 more words


Gaming with a phantom arm

Augmented reality could help amputees with phantom limb pain

An augmented-reality racing game has given a 72-year-old amputee relief from phantom limb pain for the first time since 1965, Wired UK reports. 113 more words

Virtual Reality

Why I Refuse to Raise a Cry-Baby

Look at her, so sure of herself, skating for only the second time. The picture of confidence and resilience. Well, don’t let her fool you; two minutes ago she was clinging to my arm whining with tears in her eyes. 703 more words