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ARTICLE: Mirror Therapy Promotes Recovery From Severe Hemiparesis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

…MT early after stroke is a promising method to improve sensory and attentional deficits and to support motor recovery in a distal plegic limb…

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ARTICLE: Perceptual effects of the mirror box training in normal subjects

…The present results suggest that the MB induce a somatotopically and contextually specific overriding of kinesthetic control by vision, compatible with a process of embodiment of the mirror-reflected hand image and provide novel clues to the understanding of the mechanisms underlying MB effects… 12 more words


When Building Feels Like Breaking - Ultimate Truth #1 - Don't Buy a Pond

Truth #1 – DON’T BUY A POND

Only beavers and large birds can build a house in a pond … you are not a beaver (bird-brain…maybe, but Bucky The Beaver, no). 239 more words


When Building Feels Like Breaking - Part 1

Part 1 of a possibly never-ending series about building your own home


If you have ever needed a way to boost your currently minimal self-confidence beyond measurable proportions…build a house.  414 more words


ARTICLE: Effects of a Mirror-Induced Visual Illusion on a Reaching Task in Stroke Patients

…The present study confirms that using a mirror reflection can facilitate motor learning. In this task, bimanual movement using mirror training was less effective than unilateral training… 13 more words


WEB SITE: Mirror Therapy - Physiopedia.

…A number of small scale research studies have shown encouraging results, however there is no current consensus as to the effectiveness of mirror therapy. Recent reviews of the published research literature by Moseley and Ezendam concluded that much of the evidence supporting mirror therapy is anecdotal or comes from studies that had weak methodological quality… 8 more words


Mirror Therapy Part 2

~ I am unlovable ~

We all at one point or another believed this sentence and some of us still do to this day. We are taught or we learn that the messages we are given says we are not lovable. 1,081 more words