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Are women naturally good?

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women.

There is a common themeĀ among pastors and church leaders that the Bible only applies to men, and women are justified in disregarding it because anything they do that is wrong or that backfires can be blamed on men. 1,194 more words


What's the best book a woman can read to prepare herself for marriage?

I found a great lecture by Sue Bohlin, who works at Probe Ministries. The lecture is about the book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. 1,434 more words


The men more present

My last full day in Cartagena before vacations in Buffalo was one filled with wandering through the streets of the Centro, gathering last minute items for my family back home, a pitiful sampling of the culture here. 96 more words

Why Rebecca Solnit and Jessica Valenti are bigoted morons

Every now and then, someone writes something so utterly wrongheaded that merely providing a link to it and discussing what’s so offbase about it in general terms isn’t sufficient. 7,381 more words


Spousal abuse (3rd Edition)

This is an improved edition of my 2nd Edition post; This time, it will be my pleasure to throw humor into the mix; I’ve read a gazillion articles about it happening; Despite particular cases of it happening in the context of polygamous relationships, this is no excuse to exercise an “eradicate polygamists” vendetta because exercising such a vendetta makes you no better than a spousal abuse perpetrator or a genocidal murderer; For that matter, attempting to exercise such a vendetta makes you a… 264 more words