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Male Objectification Monday: Bill Skarsgard

Roman Godfrey is such a creep. It makes me think that Bill Skarsgard might be a creep. I don’t even care though. That face, those eyes, that style… well, that’s still a character. 172 more words

Man Candy Monday

Women against feminism generates backlash among students This...

Women against feminism generates backlash among students. This would be a great subject to discuss as part of the Men’s Studies curriculum. *Oh, wait….*

Dinosaurs for Feminism

This week my attention was drawn to a Facebook group that made me so angry I had to listen to loud music and punch a cushion to prevent all of the crockery in the flat being smashed to bits and my fist going through my laptop screen. 1,562 more words

My Opinions Let Me Show You Them

Personal Responsibility

Spider-Man was wrong.

Well, his uncle was, anyway. The maxim “With great power comes great responsibility” isn’t exactly correct. Rather, the reverse is accurate: With personal responsibility comes greatness and personal power. 3,792 more words

Men's Rights

Percentage Increase in Arrests for Serious Crimes - Men & Women

Below is the chart showing percentage increase of arrests for serious crimes for men and women from 2001 – 2010.


Source: NCRB Software for analysis ‘Crime Info’. 8 more words


Feminists Against Women Against Feminism

A companion post shows photos of women holding signs indicating their reasons for not being feminists. A Google search leads to reactions against this Women Against Feminism… 949 more words