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how to talk to girls!

As a woman, I sometimes get approached by men who obviously just want to talk to a girl for a little bit, but they don’t know how to do it! 546 more words


The Man Who Married A She-Demon

A while back I drew this adaptation of the myth “The Man who Married a She-Demon,” from Joachim Neugroschel’s The Dybbuk and the Yiddish Imagination… 28 more words


Questions to Ask Before Joining a Coven

Ladies, these days there are more and more options for harnessing dark forces to your will. While you could seek mastery of the invisible realms on your own, consider the potential benefits of joining a coven. 625 more words


This Is How I Destroy Men

I am killer. I’m a heartbreaker. I’m a tease and a flirt. I ruin lives. I will destroy you in the blink of an eye and once you’re hooked, you can’t escape. 710 more words

Of gaming, boob armour, and smutty 13th century French fabliaux

(Content note: almost definitely NSFW)

A bit of a silly, non-political post for the weekend!

This article on designing better women in computer games hit a bunch of my favourite topics at once: 1,125 more words

Sex And Gender

Polygamist poem of misanthropy (Georgian Edition)

This is a Georgian translation of my original post.

Misogyny (ირაციონალური სიძულვილი ქალი)

და misandry (ირაციონალური სიძულვილი მამაკაცი)

არიან ინ-იანის მოსაზრებები misanthropy (ირაციონალური სიძულვილი ადამიანებში) 52 more words


Polygamist poem of misanthropy (Armenian Edition)

This is an Armenian translation of my original post.

Misogyny (իռացիոնալ ատելության կանանց)

Իսկ misandry (իռացիոնալ ատելության տղամարդկանց)

Արդյոք yin-yang Մտորումներ misanthropy (իռացիոնալ ատելության մարդկանց) 50 more words