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Vaastav Foundation – The Crisis Angels of My Life

Vaastav Foundation, is an NGO based out of Mumbai working towards equal human rights for both the genders. The organization assists families in distress and crisis who suffer from toxic domestic relationships. 392 more words


About Anita Sarkeesian

Anita has been getting a ton of press lately from her tropes in gaming, to the point that she received death threats preventing her from speaking at a college.  414 more words


Inherent Misogyny and Misogynistic-Misandry: The Case of Rape and Other Injustices

Global fund for women

A friend of mine recently was trying to raise awareness for a non-profit organization that helps survivors of rape. Here is what the website for this organization, Global fund for women, states: … 3,381 more words


"Everything You Need to Know About Sexism"

Old Spice (which even my old man doesn’t, and never did, wear) is trying to rebrand itself. Apparently, buxom women in a hot tub with a male robot, which presents the essence of sexism against both women & men, is their game plan. 25 more words



I spoke to a college-aged male today, and there were some choice quotes I thought to share:

He mentioned how a passing male’s clothes looked, then winced and said that talking about clothes was “such a girl thing to say.” 183 more words

Why Women Choose Not to Marry

This post responds to a CNN article, Why More Women Choose Not to Marry, by Pepper Schwartz. Lest the youthful name or photo suggest frivolity, Schwartz is a Yale PhD, professor of sociology at the University of Washington, the… 3,069 more words