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I don’t think time can kill it off completely, that emotion, I mean, but the years do dull it. Maybe it’s like a blade: you can grind that edge down flat in time, but the steel—the thing itself, however impotent—still exists, and a lifetime of effort couldn’t send it into oblivion.


Doctor Who Season 8 Post Finale Thoughts: Expectations Exceeded, Hopes Still Dashed

I promised I would do an after series post about my thoughts about Season 8, so here it is. And again: Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. 1,100 more words

Doctor Who

Isms and Ists

I’m not a follower of liberalism or Catholicism or environmentalism or anarchism or nihilism or Dadaism or whatever other -ism somebody might convince me to throw my weight behind. 32 more words

Misc. Rants

Doctor Who Season 8 Pre-Finale Thoughts: High Hopes, Low Expectations

Season 8 of Doctor Who begins its finale tonight with the two parter “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven”. As companion pieces to my post, “My Problems with ‘Kill the Moon'”, I’ve decided to write about my thoughts about the finale before and after the episodes air. 1,201 more words

Doctor Who