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What Inspires You?

What makes you excited? 

Where do you get your “high” from? 

What gets you so fired up you think you can tackle anything? 

Whatever that “thing” is, whatever that “it” is, whatever that “thought” is… 37 more words


What Am I Doing Here?

It’s been about a decade since I’ve seriously used a blog… makes me feel old. Especially with all the hoops I had to jump through just to get this started. 61 more words

Misc. Thoughts

Sea Trials or what we learned operating Lookout

My friend Trevor Marshall just posted on his blog “Early Ops session reports“. It got me thinking about my little notebook of issues on the Lookout module. 432 more words

Misc Thoughts

Quick Update for everyone

Kids are stirring, so here’s 3 quick updates for my readers:

1.  Need Prayer – Friday, July 4, I’m going to Vancouver General Hospital for an ultrasound and some other tests (not exactly sure what) as my body has started retaining water.  535 more words

Misc Thoughts

Lookout module update

Perhaps you are wondering….”where did he go?”

Still here, just have not been posting anything of late.

However, we have several updates. Number one, Graham broke his arm at the beginning of April, both his ulna and radius. 327 more words

Misc Thoughts

Quick prayer update

To all my readers and fellow prayer-warriors,

Last week I called everyone I knew to join with me in praying for various issues surrounding my Hepatitis C, and our family has been quite overwhelmed by the length and breadth of your responses.  765 more words

Misc Thoughts

I really like cake.

I really like cake.  I like a nice piece of cake with some super sweet icing smoothed all over it’s fluffy-ness.   White cake with butter creme icing is my absolute fave.   588 more words

Misc Thoughts