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The Job Hunt

After debating my values, I have decided that it was time for a change in careers. This has led me to hit the job market again, and how discouraged I am. 650 more words


Auto Desk Applications Free for CollegeStudents

Recently I was informed of a cool trial that Auto Desk is allowing college students to sign up for.  Although this is link is for Auto CAD, you can follow the link and use the website to download any of their applications.


Video of the Week: Mistaken Identity Project

Roughly a month ago, a San Francisco-based advertising company named Amazon Advertising released a series of videos that are too clever to overlook. As we know with most promotional material, the goal is often to set yourself, or your brand, apart from the similar. 446 more words


Summer and Winter

As a kid, I loved winter and loathed summer. That was before we got air conditioning. Now, it’s kind of the other way around. A bit. 40 more words


Close Spreadsheets list prices paid for an Afghan life, a cow and a car

By Karrie Kehoe and Craig Shaw | First published by Thomson Reuters Foundation on Wed, 16 Jul 2014

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The description in a single box of a spreadsheet is brief and to the point: “We shot into a crowd and killed a lady’s son.” 179 more words