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just worked for eight hours straight; I’m not going anywhere tonight.

A little about literary me

(In my best Julie Andrews voice)

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me. 685 more words


5 Years of My Studio

I spend so much time in here. I make things. This shows my mind.



Quiet time - 23/08/2014

Hi God, thank you so much for inspiring me with Pavel and to be introspective of my current walk with you. It has been a long sinful year, just throwing myself away and not putting you at the center of it all. 200 more words


First pancake

It is said that the first pancake comes out lumpy. There could be numerous reasons for this, such as the frying pan might not be properly heated and greased up, or the pancake-maker hasn’t fully entered the pancake mode just yet. 12 more words


Why I Am Not Afraid Of Growing Old

I know the fact that I entered my twenties not so long ago has the power to invalidate much of what I’m about to say. There are things I can’t possibly comprehend because I have not yet lived through them myself. 1,161 more words


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