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Malaysia Airline Investigation- Another Miscarriage Of Justice That Needs Islam

In a week when we have witnessed the publications of reports into the ‘Trojan Horse’ Birmingham Schools plot, calls for an independent investigation into the Malaysian Airline shot down in the Ukraine to calls for a War Crimes tribunal into Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza an underlying question that doesn’t seem to have been asked is does anybody actually expect these reports, inquiries, investigations, tribunals or whatever else to actually establish the truth or facilitate justice? 456 more words

Stand your ground and warning shots

Recently, Florida passed new legislation allowing for warning shots in self defense. Previously a warning shot was an assault and fell under mandatory sentencing law. This is a step forward for citizens who find themselves confronted by deadly threat, but who judge that a warning shot is sufficient to deter the threat. 187 more words

George Zimmerman

#Forensics - Body part snatchers in Norway, faked DNA results in Houston, and more...

Shades of Burke and Hare in 1800  Edinburgh. Body snatching in Norway. Or maybe its “body part” snatching.” Researchers removed organs from 1,000 dead Norwegians without consent  186 more words

Criminal Justice

Rolf Harris found guilty (Miscarriage of Justice)

I do not for one second believe anything people have accused #RolfHarris of. There is no evidence, it’s all hearsay and conjecture. In a real court it would be thrown out for lack of evidence. 191 more words

Justice For All?

The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Laurel Leigh, a dear friend, colleague, and co-founder of the Dogpatch Writer’s Collective, has an essay published in the July issue of The Sun literary magazine. 74 more words


Films About Women Part 12

1 What’s Love Got To Do With It?
This was an excellent film all about the rise of Tina Turner. It tells about how she was discovered by Ike Turner, who later became her husband. 683 more words

La Luta Continua

by Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (June 21st 2014)

Justice Warrior

Miscarriage of justice survivor and committed campaigner for justice Gerry Conlon has died at his home in Belfast aged 60 after a long illness. 372 more words