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The Worst Miscarriage of Justice Ever!

The trials and subsequent condemnation of Jesus which led to His crucifixion represent the worst kind of judicial miscarriage in all of human history.  We read even in our day of people who have been falsely accused and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.   884 more words

Christian Discipleship

Misconduct of Arbitrator

If the Arbitrator decides the matter, which are excluded by the agreement, he commits a misconduct. It comprises a legal misconduct, which is completed if the Arbitrator on the face of the award arrives at an inconsistent conclusion even on his own finding or arrives at a decision by ignoring very material documents which throw abundant light on the controversy to help a just and fair decision. 74 more words

Arbitration And Conciliation Act

Victor Nealon: the Court of Appeal miscarriage of justice case

The case of Victor Nealon, denied compensation despite being imprisoned for 17 years after a miscarriage of justice, has raised important issues about the compensation regime for such cases.  2,239 more words

UK Law

Allegations of Crime Lab planting evidence may not be enough for reversal of conviction

Planted evidence from a Crime lab (the OJ defense) is not the magic bullet for everyone arguing innocence. Forensic misconduct charges before Nebraska higher court affecting a murder case.   229 more words

Criminal Justice

Rampant Prosecutorial Misconduct in the US: A Short Media Review

This is a mere sip in the ocean of info on this subject. At a glance, the cases are many, but any semblance of consistent judicial penalties are few. 211 more words

Wrongful Convictions

Bronx Man Jailed for 18 Years Despite 13 Alibi Witnesses


Richard Rosario is in Year 18 of a 25-to-life sentence for murder, even though 13 alibi witnesses have tried to tell authorities that he was with them–1,000 miles away–at the time of the crime.

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London Boy Johnny Mack | Injustice = Miscarriage | The Ending

This week’s “London Boy Film” blog by Johnny Mack is the concluding part to his own, true life and harrowing story of police injustice !! Of being arrested at gunpoint for a crime he had not committed, in front of his own kids, to then finding out that his wife has also been arrested, and all this carried out by a police force armed with no more evidence than some would say a long, petty and sadistic memory !!  2,139 more words

Johnny Mack