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The MacEddyRaymonds, Part 1

Hi again.

Took a day off to write a chapter of the fiction novel I’m also working on, but alas, I returned, just as annoyed as ever that people are still being thick about the Eddy and the Mac. 2,053 more words

Jeanette MacDonald

Now I've Done Some Things In a Bathroom Stall, But *THIS*...

Where I am: CD10!
Medications: Ovidrel trigger, injected at 10pm!
Symptoms: dudes, my ovaries are achy as hell…

Oh my God, what a day.

Honestly, guys, I have this huge final project hanging over my head due next Wednesday and all I could think about on the train ride home from class was how bad I wanted to type this post. 867 more words


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

From the American Society for Reproductive Medicine:

Recurrent pregnancy loss is a disease* distinct from infertility, defined by two or more failed pregnancies. When the cause is unknown, each pregnancy loss merits careful review to determine whether specific evaluation may be appropriate.

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Life on Pause

I have a history. I have three beautiful children that I wrap my arms around daily. I now have five that I cannot.

Two days ago I was happy. 700 more words

Counting Silver Linings: Dealing with Grief and Loss

Obviously, Brian and I would prefer the alternative. We would much rather be happily awaiting our baby-to-be, rather than trying to find the silver linings in this awful situation. 383 more words

Home Life

It's just so FINAL

She is really gone. And it seems so final now. I mean I knew it was final , I held her for her only breaths, I held her when she was pronounced, I held her as all the warmth left her body and the coldness of death replaced it. 208 more words


The Worst Part

Easter has now come and gone and festivities are over. My easter all together was pretty good, nothing very exciting. Sunday my mom made my family a delicious turkey dinner (my favourite) and easter was also 4/20, that was fun, but I won’t go into more detail about that. 614 more words