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Moving on from Miscarriage

As time carries on, and the weeks and months grow into many that separate us from the first news of our untimely miscarriage, we move forward.   562 more words


daring to hope

What a wonderful and difficult this past month has been. We found ourselves staring at a positive pregnancy test with apprehension, victory, and pause. Yes! We did it! 491 more words

You can't be serious

With my second miscarriage, I will have two stories to share with you. This post will be about my horrific experience with the hospital and doctor. 1,495 more words


Rain and crying

It is grey and overcast today with a fine, constant rain. It is oddly appropriate and comforting. It reminds me of home and the ‘screenplay’ I’ve been writing for more than forever…the one that I escape to when I need an escape.  456 more words


Dear Baby,

At 21 years old, just 3 and a half month into our marriage, and as an Active Duty Marine family – the last thing my husband and I were wanting was a baby. 873 more words


Saint Neville's Day

When I found out that I was pregnant, I counted out the days until our baby would be with us. 

To my delight, my due date shared a birthday with my literary hero, Neville Longbottom. 75 more words

The Two Week Wait Crazies

As long as you are trying to get pregnant, even if it’s only your first month trying, the two week wait (TWW) sucks!

I am more convinced that the more TWW sucks even more, the more of them you have. 720 more words