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The Feelings Blog

Two disclaimers: First, this Blog is likely to be filled with things that may or may not cause an emotional rollercoaster. I do not have any dramamine. 1,174 more words

Broadcasting In Black And White


I told you an awful but very true story of what happened with my second loss in 2013. I had to share that with you so you can know that even in our darkest hour there is redemption around the corner. 1,577 more words


When I Miss You

It happens most when I’m home alone in the evening, sitting on the couch, watching your brother sleep on the baby monitor. I miss you when I see the space beside him where you were, where we saw you for a moment, and I can imagine the space beside him where you should be. 286 more words

Trying days...

I’ve seen a lot more pregnant people lately or heard from friends or seen that people are pregnant. To me it seems like the entire world can get pregnant. 494 more words


The Sky That Cries My Tears

Here it is a very dreary and rainy Thursday. For some reason this one is different from all the rest to me. Every time it rained before now was just an opportunity for me and my sweet baby to get the amazing sleep we needed to thrive. 1,328 more words

From July To August or Bittersweet

During this pregnancy my¬†instinct¬†was that our baby was going to come early. I just really strongly felt like it would be born early. To early even, but once I got past the “to early” stage I still thought it would come before it’s due date. 607 more words

Remembering August Babies

Remembering all babies born in August. Our thoughts are with you and your families. Please share your August baby’s name with us or a message of support for their families.

In Memory Of