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i knew prufrock before he was famous

I’ve been putting off making a post,┬ábecause nothing has really happened yet – or things have, but small things, which I want to save for other things I’m writing. 723 more words


Islamist encroachment on the English language

Is anyone else becoming annoyed at the use of the word Isis in relation to terror and violence? I know Isis is one of the official terms for the Islamists operating out of the region: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Islamic State (IS) and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). 214 more words


Depression is depressing (saying goodbye to Robin Williams)

It’s been a week now since the shocking news of Robin Williams’ apparent suicide. ┬áMy first reaction when hearing of it was denial .. It… 860 more words


A Doodle a Day Part IX

Sometimes when my journaling habit collapses, squeezed out by the busyness that I perceive in my life (whether it’s really there or not), I still find time to doodle. 149 more words



Some might have noticed slight changes to our base camp recently. Tents have been stricken, sleeping bags rolled up and backpacks were prepared. And there is a reason to it. 289 more words


Coming home

Last night I went to see the Staten Island Yankees. Yes I know this is not my sports blog, while the game was fun, except we lost, and I found out that Richmond County Bank Ballpark serves Honkers Ale, but we lost, and a helmet bowl serving of nachos is enough for two (maybe three) people, which I should have realized when they gave me two forks, instead of thinking, “Hey a fork for each hand!” The fireworks were nice, I watched from the pavilion next to the ferry station because I wanted to get home before midnight. 481 more words