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Word Count

I’m on the fence here.

See, I love word counts of all size. Thin books or thick, odds are there’s at least one on my bookcase. 362 more words


Ask the guys day 2

It’s the second ever “Ask the Guys Why Day” and we have a doozy of a question from Big Blog of Knowledge. I love their questions! 104 more words

Blog Posts

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Yet more madness over at Gibber Jabberin with the help of yours truly and always. I promise a more personal blog post soon, my lovelies.

Theme By Theme

Today’s Blogging 101 Assignment: Try at least three other themes.

I like playing with the theme of my blog, and I think I could probably say I’ve already done this one too. 186 more words


some random thoughts, comic cover art, and the imminent solar equinox

As I slip on the bloody cobblestones of the medieval Spanish castle courtyard, the bearded Saracen swordsman slices through my abdomen a lethal wound.  As my body collapses to the ground, my spirit soars free.   541 more words


Thought Scramble

The dreaded freewrite.

Time to write. What do I write, what do I say in ten minutes?

Exactly ten minutes but who’s counting? How do you judge ten minutes on a digital clock anyway, the kind that doesn’t show seconds? 381 more words


AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) but also ;-; but also :'3

Ever wonder what the Greek goddess Artemis’ blog would be like? Or are you curious to know more about her, her myths and character, as told by the goddess herself? 59 more words


Cute Guy Ship

This is mainly an OTP of one of the girls here at this WordPress-blog, because the other girl hardly knows these two guys – even though they look really cute ^^ 231 more words