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The Project Begins

Alright, I’m going to concede straight-up, that my title is vague. It implies that I have a project which I intend to set in motion. 317 more words


All Growed Up

I genuinely can’t remember if I imagined my adult life as a kid.

Over a decade ago I barely knew universities existed: I was smart, I guess, but hampered by a small town. 283 more words


The Seat Switcher

Okay, so the person sitting next to me is very talkative.

This is where I hop up and shift seats at the first polite opportunity. See, I don’t especially like talking to strangers: you know how some people will, given the chance, tell you their life story? 136 more words


A Return

Okay, you guys, I’m back!

I was forcibly vacationed from the internet when the wi-fi provider thingy threw a hissy fit and the internet fell over. 218 more words


Good to Great

This week was filled  with activity for me outside of work. Lunch meetings with friends from the past, a breakfast meeting with a new friend, a men’s group meeting, dinner with my neighbor, swimming with my family, skatepark time with my son, and hanging out with friends that came over to our house. 248 more words


Greetings, gentlemen and ladies and all around and in between, we are back from vacation. We’ve missed you all dearly (except you- yeah, you with the face, you know who you are) and we will shortly resume our irregularly scheduled programming.


BBK & Moose


All right, thoughts about this new KIndle Unlimited

All right, in regards to the recent news and online chatter about Amazon, from the looks of it. That the company itself may go through with a subscription service, a netflix for ebooks and audiobooks. 167 more words