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#500WordsOctober 2014 "Guidelines"

I’ve decided to challenge myself and anyone else who wants to join up to do writing-habit-tune-up before NaNoWriMo (or whatever other writing goals you may have through the end of the year).   162 more words


President Barack Obama's Linguistic analysis

Barack Obama has a long history of excellent rhetoric, in this video we highlight graphically four persuasive writing strategies often used in his political speeches. … 488 more words


We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programme

Alright, this would normally be where I yap on about the week’s progress on Collab Novel 2014.

Thing is, I’ve been busy plotting mischief and knitting things, and Co-Author is “busy with essays”.   109 more words


Roll With It

I finished a budget project for my division recently that took me several weeks to complete. It was a great feeling to finally have this project completed! 365 more words


Balancing Act

I agree with this.

My first analogy was going to be chocolate but then again there’s a bar sitting in front of me, so let’s go with language. 302 more words


If there was tumbleweed on the internet, it’d be tumblin’ all over my blog.


Another Freewrite

I find this freewrite very strange. Just spilling random words onto a keyboard.

I wonder how much longer it is until this thing finishes… eight minutes, though I spent thirty seconds linking up a pingback. 362 more words