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Dumpster diving in Philadelphia

OK.  There was no dumpster.  There was a brick walkway between apartment buildings.

And we didn’t dive.  They were in a box on top of the trash can. 99 more words


Main Characters' Talks

Main Characters’ Talks, presents in which parts of the novel selected, the two main characters (“the lovers”) speak to each other.

The white rectangle (figure’s background) represents the respective novel’s text. 72 more words


Before Dawn

How many times am I up for sunrise? I can pinpoint exactly how many.


Once, for my dad’s birthday. Once, if I’m very excited, for my birthday. 209 more words


I hate this bike!

A year ago, I got a new rear wheel for my bicycle and ever since it’s been one broken spoke after another, by which I mean three. 707 more words



I was pretty much ambivalent about returning to school.

I used to get really excited about going to classes and learning things; it was the people that made me nervous. 95 more words


Nyaneka-Nkumbi mouth stones

Apparently it is the custom of women living in certain groups in South Angola to carry small stones under their tongues, possibly as fertility charms. I’ve really got to undertake some research to enable me to write a piece about the journey these stones take both before and after they become “children of the mouth”.

Miscellaneous Ramblings

- Какво правиш?
- Пиша. Книга.
- Книга за какво?
- За войната.
- За коя война?
- За която и да е.