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Since I’ve been heaping¬†you with blogging201 posts all week, I’ve only got a shortish post this week.

Okay. This is probably going to turn into a rant, so if you think ‘ghoti ‘ is the best thing ever and you can’t stand to see it criticised, leave now. 842 more words


our new house detail: storage

It transpires that trying to blog about a house renovation whilst actually doing it, and holding down a full time job, and a six year old, has proved beyond me! 83 more words


Do teens learn from television?


Today some people believe that television does not affect teens, but take a look at this website to see why teens are affected by television.


So… Having just finished midsemester exams, I have some spare days where I can work on stuff other than academics. Yay :D

Most of you won’t be interested in what I write here. 865 more words