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Praise the Lord for a safe return home!

He is GOOD! :)

Miscellaneous Posts

Harry Potter and the Fandom Everlasting

Good evening to you all! I hope your summers are all as awesome and exciting as they are hot and humid.

I come to you tonight with a post dedicated to your favorite boy wizard who isn’t a boy anymore: Harry Potter. 1,017 more words

Miscellaneous Posts

Headed to Canada tomorrow!

Prayers for a safe trip would be much appreciated! :) .

New posts will resume in a few days, but please feel free to visit anytime until then, :P .

Miscellaneous Posts

I do it for Ben.

Woah.  This website builder thing is interesting, and so is this new happy meal mascot at McDonalds.

What do you guys think?

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Keeping up (tech) appearances, Part 1

Original art: virginia kraljevic on etsy

As I am of a certain age, I have seen some changes in technology over my years. I mostly try to take it in stride, but actually I find it  398 more words

Miscellaneous Posts


Hey everyone!  I am headed to the beach for a week, so the blog will be going on hiatus until I get back next weekend.  Looking forward to soaking up some rays and doing lots of reading! 47 more words

Miscellaneous Posts