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Mismatched Socks in a Fashion-Conscious World

There he was, standing in the center of the stage dressed in his biblical costume ready to say his lines for the Easter play when I noticed that it had happened again. 770 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Every day deserves a happy hour

Yes, every day definitely deserves a happy hour — so says this avid cocktail blogger. But, it doesn’t always have to be the after work, ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere’, I’ll take another round type of thing. 290 more words


Eureka! (and a Review)

I apparently follow the crowd.  This is not necessarily something that makes me proud.  But I have been thinking that I should have some sort of rating system for the books I review.   528 more words

Talking Books

Hello readers! Guess what!


My handle is letsbeextraordinary9.

I will be using it as a place to make “mini-posts” and gently remind/advertise to people about posts I’m writing or that already exist! 72 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Banana Bread & Transformed Lives

I made banana bread this weekend.

Making banana bread was not originally on my to-do list for the weekend. In fact, the whole ordeal is something I can blame on my husband. 1,061 more words

Children's Ministry

Sold! Why real estate agents should be rendered obsolete

Does any sane person entrust one of the largest and most stressful decisions of their lifetime to a complete stranger? Ok, forget emergency situations when you’re at the mercy of the ER to determine your surgeon; but other than that…. 670 more words


Blog Hop – What is your writing process?

Writers are fascinated with the way that other writers write. I think that we all hope that we will pick up some clue or tip from a writer that will make the process easier. 1,002 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts