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Dinosaur George

We look forward to his show every year at the Buda library. I have been taking the little one since she was about three or four years old. 19 more words


The Case For Israel

A powerful firewall from Bill Whittle. All this stuff has been said many times before, but cannot be repeated often enough.


Is Being At Work Better Than Being At Home?

In the land that came up with the phrase “Thank God it’s Friday,” and a restaurant chain to capitalize on the sense of relief many feel as the work week ends, researchers made an unusual finding in 2012. 773 more words

The Splitting of the New Galaxy Has Begun

Thanks, Nick!

I found this very interesting in light of what YellowRose shared so I’m throwing it out there on the heels of the previous intel we shared today.   948 more words

Channeled Messages

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Georgi Stankov is always interesting. I feel like everything is connected and who knows the Nostradamus information, the YellowRose information, the Abnormal Solar Behavior, and now this information is all part of "The Event" that we are all waiting for. Athena

Destruction of the Sun is Done, Ed is Dead from YellowRosefor Texas [video]

Thanks, Alleghany and Yellow Rose. Appreciate you letting us know. This new video from YellowRose appeared 2 days ago, and has no sound.

Brilliant job on behalf of the Allies! 60 more words


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I am wondering if this is the cause of the Abnormal Sun Behavior observed by BPEarthWatch. It is get curiouser and more curiouser. Love and Blessings, Athena