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Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award from a lovely Scottish blogger, Greendeath Writings, who—according to his answers—loves ambulances and can’t eat cheese (how tragic!). 962 more words


Don't Believe the Nostalgia Machine: 1994 Was a Shitty Year for Music

It’s a strange thing to see an era you remember being regurgitated by the nostalgia machine. The last couple of years have been a constant stream of early-’90s anniversaries: … 941 more words


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Production Module 3

Authorship: I will act as the unseen, unheard camera interviewer from behind the camera. I’ll interview in a classic fashion with camera beside me as I sit down with the interviewee and ask her questions regarding my topic. 109 more words


Pre-Production Module 3

Topic: I’m interested in big-budget spectacle films and how they appeal to mass audiences around the world. This interest could turn into a video project finding out how and why blockbuster movies are so large in scope and appeal. 225 more words


Vanity thought #982. Cosmos E7

Another episode of Cosmos rolled out a few days ago. The show is past its half way mark, they already covered big topics like evolution, origin of the universe, atoms etc and they have probably saved a couple of hard hitting topics for the finale, so now it’s just fluff to fill the spacetime. 1,465 more words