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…being scared can be good.  It means you are alive.  Someone once told me would make a good movie 20-years from now… those moments that propel us to move forward through the the great unknown.  210 more words



Sometimes, my brain runs amok -

Why did I have so much more energy when we had no Internet access?

Why do people wearing shorts and tank tops complain about how cold it is in the dairy section? 470 more words


A rustle in the bedroom

Irene Waters posted on the subject of the Bogong moth, a fascinating piece reliving the impact this bug had on her young life.

It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood, because from as far back as I can recall we were entomologists. 1,041 more words


Camp Cookies + Sangria: Fake Letters From Real (Weird) Summer Camps

When I was a kid, letters to home were a big part of my summer camp dream. It seemed so quaint – like I would be an old-timey soldier or a traveler with one of those brown suitcases that’s covered in stickers.  634 more words


Of vice and men

What is a vice? It is the darkening of some supreme good, one of those facets of the jewel we can rightly call a “good life”: love, faith, hope, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, benevolence, truth, and self-control. 237 more words