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Saturday Miscellany -- 8/23/2014

For the last day or so, one of the top “Trending” stories on Facebook has to do with George R. R. Martin, the headline reads: George R. 455 more words


Fringe Benefits No 3

I realise these posts seem like a  love affair with Edinburgh and I’m not really ashamed of it. I do love this place. Today it dawned clear and crisp – the lady had taken off her grey cloak and sparkled in all her finery (embarrassing note (1): don’t expect café staff to understand lyrical metaphors like this one at 8.30 am – I used it when buying a coffee after the stroll and said server thought I was suggesting some female streaker was at large on Calton Hill!) – and so, before the rest stirred the Lawyer and I set off up to Calton Hill for a morning constitutional. 825 more words


Accents: Some Folks “Got” It, Some Folks Don’t

I have always been fascinated by accents. My parents were Midwesterners—which still mostly sounds like the least accent-y accent in the States (to me)—but my father was in the air force, so we moved around a lot. 239 more words


Kid Lessons: We Are God's

I am linking up with Christina aka Mrs Zelie Margaret, OP for Kid lessons. I am so excited about this; my kids teach me so much and normally it is hilarious! 221 more words


British Bro Tries Waterskiing in Wisconsin, Flat Out Eats It

This is video of my buddy Charlie, who originates from the other side of the pond, trying and failing to stay standing on a pair of waterskis. 271 more words


Selfie Atop Skyscraper Could Be Most Insane Selfie of All Time

Even if simply reading the word “selfie” sends you rushing off to the nearest keyboard to express your anger, you probably have to admit this video is impressive. 89 more words