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Not Wanted Around

You ever get that feeling that someone doesn’t want you around but they don’t really have the heart to tell you? I would honestly appreciate it more if that person told me the truth rather than try and spare my feelings. 54 more words


The Problem With Texting

Texting is cool and all but the problem is that sometimes I get misunderstood to the extent that it can ruin an entire conversation. In this case it ruined what was actually a pretty good fucking night for me. 41 more words


Poor Translations in Buddhism

I don’t claim to understand Buddhism, however I have come to the conclusion that the English translations of Buddhist terms are often wrong.

I find this term to be misleading. 349 more words


What I learned in Third Grade Sunday School

This summer I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach third grade Sunday School. There I found myself the student, learning deeper truths from the familiar stories of Genesis. 393 more words

Life Prayers

Don't Try To Understand 'Em

In the back room of the Museum of Comparative Zoology Library, where I worked with several other librarians right after I graduated from college, there was a small whiteboard, a couple of feet wide and not quite so tall, which hung on the wall over the coffee station. 603 more words



Said the worm to the bird, “Please spare me kind sir, for I have a family to feed”

With a cock of his head, a twitch and a peck,  6 more words


The Keys to Bitter Miscommunication

This weekend, through some lucky circumstances (my daughter being a rockstar despite one half of her parents being a complete bittertastrophe), I got the chance to attend a Seattle Seahawks pre-season game, much to the chagrin of many people around me who are actual Seahawks fans.  1,190 more words