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She said that's Not where my heart is

April 17- (738pm) tryna cool myself down fr getting mad bc my mom left me to go to the hospital w my bro. I can’t believe she did it. 329 more words

Failed Attempts Make Future Accomplishments

Ever been part of a group that was deemed to be highly successful only to fail in the end?

Well, that’s how I felt today.. And most of this semester, sort of. 460 more words


I am in charge of our church’s Easter Egg hunt this year.  And we are doing it up in a BIG way; like 10,000 eggs.  We are a small church with approximately 100 people; so this is a huge outreach for us.   359 more words


What Is Effective Communication?

Ever had someone misunderstand something you’ve said either verbally or in writing, and you end up saying something like, “Sorry, that’s not what I meant at all!” You’ve just experienced miscommunication. 890 more words

Job Search Advice

My roommate’s boyfriend is over a lot to the point where he practically lives with us. I don’t mind that at all because we are “bro pals” as in we’ve realized that he doesn’t have many guy friends so I have taken on the responsibility of being his “bro”. 475 more words


What’s the Obsession with Passive Aggression?

Living with people is challenging. Even if you are great friends, you never know if you will still feel the same way after living together. In college it is pretty common to have problems with your new roommate or roommates, especially since a lot of students right out of high school are used to having their own space. 535 more words


Information & The Search for MH370

By Adriana Adarve – Owner of Adarve Translations & and Donnamarie Leemann – Head of Marketing at Adarve Translations