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3 Things I Learned In 3 Months


Before you can do anything, you have to be able to learn how to receive.  If you don’t, you’ll never get it.  And this change that happened to me within three months would have never come to fruition.   833 more words

Can We Talk?????

Have we become reduced to text, twitter and e-mail?  Void of emotion, tone and vocal inflection how easy and how often is intent misinterpreted. . . 57 more words


Tip-toe Around Your Precious Heart

...and whisper meaningless nothings;
Protect the fantasies you cherish, 
your delusions of love : revealing.

Dare not to speak the truth!
Yet, no place left to hide... 127 more words


It’s a beautiful day outside. Okay, so I’m not actually outside, but I’m sitting by the window and it’s open wide, and I can feel the breeze from in here. 292 more words

I could have done without knowing THAT

It just seems logical that, at some point, the older we get, learning new things about yourself would become more and more rare. And yet there is was . 55 more words

What Was Felt

Expecting Short Inferential Distances in STEM theoretical communications


In the ancestral environment there were no abstract disciplines with vast bodies of carefully gathered evidence generalized into elegant theories transmitted by written books whose conclusions are 

279 more words

I am fricken *tired*

Good heavens. Emailing for days and days… looking up college stations, etc. The perfect one seems to have the strictest security and then barely any regular programming. 428 more words