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It's funny I'm so much like M okay it's not THAT funny

So we get back from our trip and I’m done. I don’t want to do life with him anymore.

I tell him the next day I’m talking to our finance manager and cashing out a few things and getting an apartment. 818 more words


Do You Take Technology to be Your Lawfully, Wedded Husband?

In this day in age, most of my relationships with others are communicated through technology. I communicate to my parents, friends, other family members, my significant other, and many more through… 476 more words

There's nothing like waking up at 5:30 in the morning thinking you've been reported to the police.

That has been the lovely start to my day and my week.

Last night, I went out and put chalk advertisements all over my Christian campus to advertise the underground LGBT group we have created. 362 more words


Live by the Words... Die by the Words...

Of late I am becoming word wearing to the point of world weary…

I’m tired of being misinterpreted and misconstrued and being on the receiving end of unsolicited advice… 225 more words

Talking Tarot

Communication - The Key to Success

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any business. With technology at our fingertips, we are constantly exchanging information quickly. Unfortunately, the quickness of our exchanges can often lead to miscommunication and frustration.  269 more words


Miscommunication in the Workplace

I’m sure we can all relate to miscommunication with a boss or fellow employee at work. When this happens, processes could potentially fall behind or customers could become angry about not being properly attended to. 590 more words

Effective Communication

Socratic Mis-communications

Try not to laugh at these crude excerpts. Here is a list of moments when Socrates mistakenly took for granted that his conversant understood what he was talking about, according to Plato. 442 more words