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In the story “Everyone Evelon”, the 2 main characters are at odds with each other. They plan to get to know each other and then use each other to get what each of them wants. 515 more words


A Little Something Different - Sandy Hall


The creative writing teacher, the delivery guy, the local Starbucks baristas, his best friend, her roommate, and the squirrel in the park all have one thing in common—they believe that Gabe and Lea should get together.  289 more words

Book Reviews

Sunday Social Challenge #2: Whisper and Confessions

It’s Sunday again. Time to enter behind the screen and confess all my dirty little sins. This time, however, there is no priest that grunts intermittently. 155 more words

Social Media

Why the Meaning of a Word Matters

Words matter.  And using the right words with the right meaning matters.

I recently had a conversation with a friend, and Iater found out that one compound word is potentially to blame for me losing a friend.   146 more words

Hard Of Hearing

On getting Peed on or "The Princess and the Pee: A modern fairy tale."

In retrospect I should have been happy when I was woken up by the pee in the bed. I mean seriously, every suspicion and childhood fantasy of mine had been achieved: I was a princess! 530 more words


Well That's Your Point of View

Writing is never without a point of view, and I’m not talking first person, second, or third. Or even the writer’s perspective, the reader’s perspective, or countless other’s (editors, etc). 347 more words