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Misconception correction: "Red" Square in Moscow

Okay, here is a rant-like post from someone that’s been hearing the same mistake made again and again, by people both close and far from… 152 more words



Amnio: (n) informal term for amniocentesis.


Are you familiar with that word? It refers to being chided, bugged and criticized.

I guess we want to do it to babies while they’re still in Mama’s sack. 179 more words

A Words

Misconceptions of Young Adult Fiction

I find young adult novels fascinating for a number of reasons. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of negativity about them, which I believe they do not deserve. 853 more words

Thanks Huff Post for making me smile this morning.  Check out “This is What It’s Like to Date While Feminist.”  Totally understand #6 and #10.


Pluto hitting Neptune?

Some time between elementary school and high school, you probably heard that Pluto and Neptune’s orbits crossed and that one day “far into the future” (to not scare kids) they would hit each other. 102 more words


Ted Talks: Chimamanda Adichie

Chimamanda’s talk about the dangers of a single story really touched me. Stereotypes are natural. This is made clear in her talk because she shares her personal confession with having a misconception about someone because she only knew one side of the story. 305 more words

Where I go, after reading Misconception by Paul and Shannon Morell

Recently, I read Misconception by Paul Morell, the shocking true story of a cryogenically frozen embryo that was accidentally thawed and implanted into the womb of a genetically unrelated woman, who then carried the baby to term before handing the new life over to the Morells, the baby’s genetic mother and father. 674 more words