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Lost in Translation: Talking To Home Schoolers

As a former home schooled student, I felt it was time to put my thoughts on this down for the first time. I have grown up hearing the same questions, jokes, and snide remarks concerning my “social” life, my naivety, and even my “big” brain. 1,444 more words


A true word by which falsehood is intended

وهذا عليٌّ رضي الله عنه عندما أتاه رجلان من الخوارج زرعة بن البرج الطائي وحرقوص بن زهير فقالا له: «لا حكم إلاَّ لله» وقال عليٌّ رضي الله عنه كلمة حقٍّ أريد بِها باطل, وقال له حرقوص: تب من خطيئتك, وارجع عن قضيتك, وقال له زرعة بن البرج: أما والله يا عليُّ لئن لَم تدع تَحكيم الرجال في كتاب الله عز وجل؛ قاتلتك؛ اطلب بذلك وجه الله ورضوانه».



Who’s the daddy? A sperm-donor daughter’s quest to discover her real father.


We Southerners...

I think of myself as a Hollywood hillbilly, but I’m sick of all these questions people ask about Alabama. ‘Do you have an outhouse?’ ‘Is there a lot of inbreeding in your family?’ They think all Southerners don’t have computers and TV sets and that we’re all still living in 1862.

Sunny Mabrey

Southern Women



For most people, when you hear the word meditation, you think of some eastern monk crisscrossing their legs, arms resting on their legs with their hands facing up, thumb and middle finger touching, humming quietly while trying to clear their minds.  1,413 more words


Atheism Misconceptions: Volume 1

As I stated in my very first article, and as stated in the description of this blog itself, I will be posting various articles that will cover and clear up rumors and misconceptions about atheism. 1,495 more words


Future purpose

A common misconception.
Alone equating lonely.
Couldn’t be further from the truth.
A test of endurance and patience.
An unshakable faith and awareness of purpose. 74 more words