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The Great Big Lie

It’s been a while that I’ve been thinking about it. It’s something we hear everyday, sometimes passively and sometimes way too profoundly, and most often we find ourselves using it as the scale of our actions. 520 more words


| Common misconception about weight |

People often worry about weight. They just cannot resist stepping on the scale 10 times a day and checking if the meal they skipped made a difference. 157 more words


A Letter of Importance

Dear Everyone:

When you see a woman with ultra-short hair, refrain from verbalizing your assumptions as to why she has almost no hair. Yes, certain generalizations may pop into your head but keep them to yourselves. 414 more words

Real Life

5 Things Movies Get Wrong About Weight

Hollywood certainly has a way of glossing over the milestones in life. First dates are always enrapturing, weddings never cost money, childbirth happens in minutes, and stretch marks simply don’t exist. 53 more words


Real vs imagination

The majority of extraordinary kung-fu skills that people have become accustomed to in movies are nothing more than fairy tales. We must acknowledge that the human body does have its physical limitations. 27 more words


whole wheat, a common misconception

So the entire day day yesterday I tried to find fun things to do without spending any money (poor college kid).  Because the 2 main things on my list of “fun” are grocery shopping or book shopping I decided to go to the bookstore and catch up on my magazine reading ;) 395 more words

Gluten Free