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Myths and misconceptions about the Gulf oil spill

In the months and years following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, telling fact from fiction regarding seafood safety and ecosystem health was supremely difficult. Is Gulf seafood safe to eat or not?

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Islam is perfect, Muslims aren’t! Don’t judge Islam by looking at Muslims, judge Islam by its tenets and doctrines, dive deeper to know the exact facts about Islam, never rely on who said what! 120 more words


life is weird

Life is Weird. 

we are given opportunities to take pictures, they say cherish the memories, they say you won’t realize it until it is gone, then they say don’t look back on your past, keep moving – life goes on, it is part of life, people come and go, its the cycle of life, this is how you learn mistakes, this is how you learn good from bad.¬† 203 more words

Day 111: Reference Frames

In this problem, students had first looked at what would happen if Gravity took place far away from any planets (to remove, well, gravity from the situation…) and she threw an oxygen tank at 3 m/s. 52 more words

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7 Common Misconceptions About Travel

As I said in my previous post, there are some people who really just have no desire to travel because they feel everything they need is right there. 980 more words


The word lord in English has several related meanings. The original meaning is ‘master’ or ‘ruler’, and in this sense is often used to refer to human beings; e.g ‘the lord of the mansion’ or ‘Lord So and so’. 123 more words



In order to understand the many misconceptions regarding my specialty we must first understand the meaning of the term plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a specialized branch of surgery concerned with deformities and defects of the skin and the underlying muscular and skeletal framework. 419 more words

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