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Common Misconceptions of Information Architecture

As is likely apparent given the other posts on this topic, the world of Information Architecture and the duties of the Information Architect often lend themselves to ambiguity, given the swiftly changing nature of information (in substance, format, and technologies utilized to transfer it). 671 more words

IA And User Experience

Misconception About Agriculture: Farmers Are Uneducated

As far as farming goes, it is quite the tiring and backbreaking profession, many farmers wake up in the early hours of the day and don’t go to bed until well after the sun sets. 488 more words


Local Native Americans highlight own plight

by: Jordana Jarrett and Emily Hull | November 17, 2014

As November marks Native American Heritage Month, Indigenous members of the Cornell University and Ithaca College communities are collaborating to challenge stereotypes about Native American identities, with a “Re-Thinking Thanksgiving” presentation on November 18 and 20. 471 more words

5 common misconceptions about OCD

1. Programmes like Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners are a true representation of OCD.

Often the people on the programme haven’t got a diagnosed mental health problem, and in fact just take pride in having a clean house. 631 more words

Pure OCD

Misconceptions About Agriculture: Small Farms are Unimportant and Irrelevant

With the industry of agriculture being the main provider of food and resources for so many millions of people, it can be seen as somewhat of a booming factory industry. 469 more words


Blue Jays and Mockingbirds

I had first read the book years ago; it was one of those we were obliged to study in school for English Literature and our teacher at the time appeared to like neither books nor children. 849 more words


Why Bodybuilding?

Last night, a friend of mine asked me why I lift weights and build my body. She wasn’t being flip—she was actually intrigued by it, and wanted to understand what motivates me in the kind of training I do. 807 more words