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What I've Learnt From Stretch and Smile

This blog is full of great posts about all things stretching, flexibility and smiling. I encourage you to read all the posts i’ve made and check out my… 362 more words


Week 10: The affects that New Tech has

Technology today has basically put a transparent window in front of our intimate lives. While we sit in class and reserve from speaking to the person next to us, that same person is probably ‘liking’ our pictures on instagram or that person is probably one of our thousand Facebook friends from Rutgers. 653 more words


On the Nature of Love

We as a people are very cognizant of this entity we call Love. Regardless of our feelings or opinions on the topic we all acknowledge its presence and significance. 663 more words


Myths of rescue dogs

Adopt-A-Rescue AU operates because we believe that there are disproportionate misconceptions about what people think about shelter animals and how they really are. We would like to share this post published on Cesar’s Way that speaks about the 5 common myths about shelter dogs.  972 more words

~Misconceptions That We Might Have On Food~

Check out this great video from Mental Floss.

I found his video very useful for my cooking needs.

Misconception #1 ” MSG causes headaches.”

Check out the video below to find out what we should be doing with our cooking.


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It's Not Me It's All Of You: What Too Much Freedom Breeds

Since its inception the medium of video games has gotten flak for many things, whether it be a time waster, being only for children to turning your brain to mush or gamers being X or Y. 476 more words



Is that weave?  Can I touch?  Do you wash your hair?  Will you need to shave your head?  When will you take them out?  Do you smoke weed?

390 more words
Natural Hair