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The Biggest Misconceptions About Pit Bulls (Video)

Meet my God son Ian and his dog Blue. Ian is 7 now and Blue is 8. They have grown up together like two brothers. There has not been not one incident where his parents felt Ian’s life was threatened by Blue. 143 more words


Myth Busting the Middle East

We asked Linda, ISEP Coordinator at  American University of Sharjah, to dispel some misconceptions people may have about the Middle East.

Myth:  The Middle East is unsafe… 1,036 more words


Misunderstanding moles

I never really had a problem learning about moles and all the related calculations. However, I was well aware that a lot of my classmates struggled with the topic. 729 more words


I Was Completely Wrong About Being a Grown-Up

When I was a kid, the world looked completely different through my eyes. My eyes, sadly, were not much lower to the ground than they are now, so literally it looked about the same, but that’s besides the point. 528 more words


A List for the Everyday Diabetic

I am just realizing now, after 15 years, that I’ve never really had the opportunity to connect with other diabetics, which is entirely my own fault as I was never interested in attending those events and summer camp opportunities that were mailed to me in brochures. 1,004 more words


Please Judge Me: Answering a Misconception

In starting out this blog, there are two things in particular I have noticed. One is that the process of researching, thinking, writing, and posting is easily more beneficial for me than those who read it. 778 more words


Aspergers Syndrome/AS Myths & Realities: My View

Hello again everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well. Today, I would like to talk to y’all about the shocking, appalling common myths in regard to how certain people view children, teens,and adults with Aspergers Syndrome/Autism Spectrum & how believing these myths can not only be detrimental to the non-autistic’s view of viewing those of us on the Autistic Spectrum, but also how believing this myths can hurt a person on the Autism Spectrum. 858 more words