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Six Misconceptions About Companies

Running a business through a limited company has many advantages. This article outlines six misconceptions that are often made about using a limited company as the vehicle for a business. 456 more words

Shareholders Agreement

Frayer Model

The Frayer Model helps nut out the meaning of a single word or concept.

Divided into four, each quadrant is used to understand the vocab word in a different light: 165 more words


Southernisms: The Mysterious Disappearing "Are"

*a fun look at Southern folks…the oddities of our speech and behavior* ;)

When speaking with a Southern person, you may notice that “are” often gets kicked to the curb or reduced to an almost undetectable wisp of an… 332 more words

Thoughts & Opinons

When I was younger I thought old people were nice, harmless even, like they had to be. Why, I don’t know. I believed I should be respectful and deferential toward them too, like I… 69 more words


sexism in the grocery store, or an example of why 'we' aren't all actually equal

Saturday, Joey and I went to the grocery store because that’s what you do on Saturdays when the bread (and everything the bread befriended in the cupboard) is almost completely gone. 650 more words


Insurance Is Only Trivial Until You Need It

One of the most common misconceptions renters make is that insurance doesn’t matter in storage facilities. Often, homeowners or renters insurance will cover a certain amount of property damage or theft that could occur in a storage facility. 6 more words

The struggle for equal hiring policies in Malaysia

Marek Kiczkowiak: This article was written in a response to my enquiry about the hiring policies in a big teacher training project in Malaysia. The author of this article, who runs the project,  would prefer not to disclose his name.

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