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Science you think you know

In order to reintroduce some focus to this blog I will be starting a new themed series of posts concerned with common misconceptions within science. 161 more words


Atheism, the Universe and Nothing

So the little image there, it makes a statement, a very false one, a straw man in essence.

Firstly, let’s refresh ourselves on what atheism is: 375 more words



I am liking this 20 words a day thing. Though I need to really struggle hard, mostly because I need to really strive to take out the time to do this. 266 more words


Promoting Agricultural Literacy Through Trivia Crack Rating

I forgot where I first heard about Trivia Crack, but I started to play.  Then I started to screen shot questions I got that could connect to lessons I teach.  175 more words

Teacher Life

World Cruise Misconceptions - Travel Companions

Before leaving on this grand once in a lifetime adventure, I must admit that I had some preconceptions of who I would be sailing with around the world. 306 more words

Catholic Christian?

A Baptist friend of ours asked the following question.

As my only resident expert on Catholicism, I have a question……do you regard Catholics Christian? If yes, why…and if no, why….I know virtually nothing about their beliefs and hear that they are not Christian…and just want to know what you think…thanks… 594 more words

12 Musings By Jack Reagan

Stop being a hostage to your self talk

Wait… what you might say. What the yoyo is self talk and how am I a hostage to it In first place?

Ok sooo… self talk… 1,337 more words

Mental Health