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The Misconceptions of Animal Rights Activists: Part 1

As a rising senior at the University of Vermont studying Animal Science, I have made it my priority to study the health and husbandry required by all animal species.  580 more words

Meat Matters

British Banter: The Top 3 Interactions and Misconceptions Brits have about Americans

As I was 34,000 feet in the air, cruising my way into the United Kingdom to begin my 4 months of studying abroad, many thoughts were dancing through my mind. 953 more words

Vegetables Speak Louder Than Words

We’ve all heard why marriages are falling apart: communication problems. Your wife didn’t give you a timeline when she left to run errands. Your husband would rather watch  T.V. 75 more words


Writers are Healers.

Why did you take up English literature?

Its a question, I am asked quite often. It’s a normal harmless question, you’ll think. Well, yes it is. 533 more words

Understanding Understanding

“Understanding Understanding” is a video-research project that I completed with Tom Spackman, Mary Mulqueen, and Phil Lindert. We were researching the misconception behind the question, 79 more words

Misconceptions of the Bikini Division

As a bikini competitor, I have heard every single misconception of our division, and some of them I find very offensive.

The first misconception is that Bikini is the easiest category to compete in. 434 more words


Misconceptions of Adulthood

Why were we told,
that once we grew old,
we could have a say and have things our own way?

Adulthood was a trap. Constant misconceptions of what truly meant to be an adult.  30 more words

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