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Date Rape Nail Polish

No, that’s not a 90’s alternative band name. It’s an actual product. A girl paints her nails with it, then – once dipped in a drink – the nail polish changes color if her drink has been exposed to a date rape drug. 1,574 more words


Southernisms: I'm Fixin' to Learn Y'all About Fixin'

*a fun look at Southern folks…the oddities of our speech and behavior* ;)

I finally have a blog schedule that I’m happy with, and it looks like Southernisms are moving to Tuesdays, so enjoy this extra Southern goodness just a couple of days after… 579 more words

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Podcast Episode 117: Eyewitness Accounts and UFOs, Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Loftus

Human memory,
UFO reports, and their

Finally, a new episode is out. I saw Dr. Elizabeth Loftus talk at TAM this year, and I asked her to come on the podcast to discuss her research into human memory and how malleable human memory is, with implications for UFO reports. 202 more words


Southernisms: Y'all

*a fun look at Southern folks…the oddities of our speech and behavior* ;)

It’s amazing how much confusion and controversy one little word can create, isn’t it? 522 more words

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Common Misconception About the Crusades

There are a few, common misconceptions about the Crusades. The first is that the Crusades were unprovoked attacks upon the Muslims by the Christians. However, the Christians simply wanted to regain Jerusalem. 109 more words

Western Civilization

Poetry: "An idea of Australia"

More musing on the ideas your can get of a place, some perhaps not entirely accurate. 214 more words


Misconceptions about Veganism Part 2

This is a continuation of my “Misconceptions about Veganism” series in which I address some of the most popular questions and skeptical remarks about veganism. If you missed Part 1, you can read it… 1,270 more words