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Living Funny; Dying Clumsy

You  see  that  girl  over  there?  The  one  with  black  hair  that  looks  deathly  pale?  Yeah?

That’s  me.

I  used  a  home  dye  kit.  You  know,  the  ones  that  somehow  managed  to  cover  half  my  forehead,  all  of  my  ears,  and  dot  my  cheeks  with  uneven  blobs  of  freckles.   868 more words


Jetset 101: When Things Go Wrong


I’m currently in the first two weeks of my six-week trip and so far I have experienced an eight-hour delayed flight, a missed flight, a train strike, somewhat abusive work holiday hosts, and leaving said work holiday hosts in the middle of the night via taxi. 611 more words


A Silver Linings Travel Book You Can Relate To


When traveling, plans are bound to go astray. Unless you possess the organizational skills of an IKEA warehouse architect, be prepared for slight mishaps lingering on the horizon. 737 more words


The Glues Blues

As some of you may already know, I’ve been working as my mother’s assistant this summer, helping her run Sorrell Notions and Findings. When she gets a new shipment of product, I count it, put it on the shelves, and enter the inventory count into the computer. 698 more words

Morgan Sorrell

Don't you just love technology...

Wooow, sometimes I really hate technology. Like today, today I hate it.

See, I got the WordPress app, thinking I was more likely to blog on the go than at my laptop. 204 more words

July 2014

Party Cougar Woman!

I am a party animal. I roar and claw, eat and drink too much – and am LOUD! And yet, behind all that, the ghost of the shy little girl I once was lingers – and it is she who gets so anxious before a social event; it is she who overcompensates on the wine front, and it is she who insists upon tidying the house within an inch of its life…before the party even begins! 739 more words