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If you do not understand or appreciate the scientific method, I suggest starting with Cosmos, an accessible overview of some cool ideas about our universe based on science (and some great graphics and visualizations).   381 more words


Americans Flunk Science—Again

Shhh! Listen! Hear that steady thumping? That’s the sound of scientists—particularly climate scientists—across the country pounding their heads against their desks. And at this point, that’s perfectly understandable, given a new poll released by Gallup concerning Americans’ beliefs about climate change. 678 more words

Bernard Hickey Shows Himself The Ignoramus I Always Thought He Was And Here Is Why:

In an article today Bernard Hickey actually made an attempt to counter Jesse Colombo’s 12 point list as to why we were not heading for an economic bubble bust of epic proportions and in doing so showed once again how NZ economists really haven’t got a clue about what is going on globally and I will show this by taking his talking points and show them for the misleading uniformed trash they are. 2,597 more words

Economic Meltdown


There is such a wealth of information out there that it is easy to get lost among the rubble. Some of the information goes right over my head, but some of it seems so basic that I can’t fathom NOT thinking it. 114 more words

Tube Amps

The Most Misunderstood Concept in Diabetes Self-Management Today

from Michelle:

I’m like an ex-smoker who can’t stand the smell of smoke.

It wasn’t that long ago that my Waltzing the Dragon co-creator, Danielle, introduced me to the concept of the… 406 more words

April 17, 2014: Gender Proud

The Transgender Leadership Summit (sponsored by the Transgender Law Center: http://transgenderlawcenter.org/) that Mara and I went to last weekend had some really good seminars. We went to one about branding yourself. 243 more words

DEVELOPING REGIONAL NEWS: S.Korean Ferry Text Messages + Air Pockets

DEVELPING REGIONAL NEWS: S.Korean Ferry Text Messages & Air Pockets

“Love you all for real,” one high school student texted to 30 members of his theater club.  332 more words

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