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Micro-Essay #1: Associating the Group with the Individual

One of the things I’ve found most frustrating and troubling during the #Gamergate saga is the tendency of progressive opponents of #GamerGate to forget some of their core beliefs in the name of fighting “misogyny.” 387 more words

The Chunky Bits. The Second Wipe.

There is something poetically hysterical in how a toilet and its metaphoric analogies suit the hardships of life. Thusly from this factor alone i’ve chosen the naming of this introduction. 648 more words

Captain Pessimism

Who Is Fact Checking The Ferguson Commission?

Edited 12/17/2014 because a new fact, maybe, maybe not, was brought to my attention.

Who is Fact Checking the Ferguson Commission?

Last night, there was this in my Twitter Timeline, a quote from one of the Ferguson Commission panelists. 186 more words

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Searching for Parts in a Wasteland of Misinformation?

Searching for parts in a wasteland of misinformation?

Unlike some websites that make money by listing unverified and inaccurate inventory, http://www.SEA-avionics.com is designed to be accurate and useful. 36 more words

SEA Original

How to Avoid Misinformation in Social Media——Case Reviews and Methods

Misinformation about extremely important events like the fake Associated Press tweet about bombings at the White House has been spreading like wildfire through social media. 509 more words

Social Media


I have a new most hated phrase. It is “living life on your own terms.” It’s always touted as this thing to aspire to, as though it takes some special strength or perseverance to achieve it. 1,475 more words

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