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"It's about striving for a better world"

“What veganism means to me is striving for a better world. It’s being conscious of your actions and the decisions you make. I ask myself, by doing this am I going to harm anyone else or am I going to harm the environment, which is later on going to harm someone else.

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Lost and Found in Autism

Many of the misunderstandings concerning what Low Functioning Autism actually is and how it impacts on the lives of those who experience it, have arisen due to the manner in which the words of those with… 821 more words



I read a really great post yesterday over at David Ben-Ami’s blog Fiction All Day that talked about details; covering the tedious aspect of researching in order to enrich our fictional stories with facts that our readers DO appreciate.  588 more words

Removing bad information from the internet

I know I will sound ridiculous saying this but I have come to understand that the internet is just infested with lies and that presenting facts in response works about as well as McBain’s goggles. 315 more words


Hudson Bay freeze-up update - most polar bears on the ice

Latest sea ice maps and charts from the Canadian Ice Service show significant ice building quickly along the west coast of Hudson Bay, enough to allow polar bears out to hunt. 471 more words

Sea Ice Habitat