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How does taking an extra $30k a year become a pay cut?

John Gerritsen, Education Correspondent at Radio NZ should be hanging his head in shame for this headline:

“Principals agree pay cut for key role”

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TMI on the YBR

I don’t know how news spread from one part of Oz to another, but I do know that means, modes and methods of communication were quite limited. 898 more words


Misinformation queens

COLLECTIVISTS ARE experts at propaganda and misinformation. So here are some facts for you.

Let’s look at the term Fat Cat, which is loved by collectivists. 550 more words


The Worst Ebola Virus Myths (Video)

 Can you cure an ebola virus infection with salt or coffee? Is it all a hoax? Because it’s hard to spread accurate information about the disease there’s a lot of misinformation going around. 15 more words


Only Stupid People Call People Stupid

I’m always fascinated by the number of people who proudly build columns, tweets, blog posts or Facebook posts around the same core statement: “I don’t understand how anyone could oppose legal abortion/support a carbon tax/sympathize with the Palestinians over the Israelis/want to privatize Social Security/insert your pet issue here.” It’s such an interesting statement, because it has three layers of meaning.

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No room for ignorance or shame

The discussions following Robin Williams’ suicide are both encouraging, in that people are actually talking about mental illness and suicide; and horrifying, in that there is still so much ignorance and misinformation out there. 1,386 more words