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Elliot Rodger's UCSB attack isnt about misogony it’s about mental health.

Elliot Rodgers the 22 year old man who stabbed 3 students and shot 3 others posted a video on YouTube revealing his sexual frustration.  News reports highlighted his sexual frustration but a greater insight into his actions can be seen by looking into his life. 257 more words


When Men's Rights Go Wrong

In the wake of the Santa Barbara Shootings, has been a lot of attention focused on so-called Men’s Rights Activists (MRA). It was revealed that Elliot Roger spent a lot of time on websites dedicated to MRAs and their reputation for violent misogynistic rhetoric has led many to speculate that they could have encouraged Elliot’s rampage. 400 more words

Gender Equality

Elliot Roger: A Monster in Our Own Image (Part 2)

Yesterday, I explained the motives of Elliot Roger, the student who went on a killing spree in Santa Barbara that left six people dead. Today, I want to discuss how Roger’s thinking is disturbingly wide-spread and how this came to be.

Gender Equality

Elliot Roger: A Monster in Our Own Image (Part 1)

I’m going to be honest: I really didn’t want to write this post.