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Beauty Writers and their Beauty Counter counterparts.

Beauty journalists are hugely influential within the industry in which I work. Their praise – or derision – for a product, brand or concept can be pivotal in its success. 1,138 more words


You describe yourself as a Nice Guy? I'm not just bored. I'm scared.

There is something inherently frightening about a man who describes himself primarily as “nice” when he’s trying to impress women. No one’s most unique and impressive quality is being nice. 224 more words


Overheard on the Shop Floor: Part Two. Double Standards?

It’s been a bit warm recently. Not unusual for summer, some might say, but unusual enough for Britain. In the beauty world this has meant increased sales of SPF lotions, after-sun preparations, cooling gels, … 320 more words


Let Us Bask in the Glow of Young Male Privilege

The Altoona Mirror gets letters.  Since the area it serves is overwhelmingly conservative, most of the letters, even those not scrawled in crayon, hue to the viewpoints of the far right.  829 more words


My daughter thanks you too.

To begin I would like to express my awe at the overwhelming and resolute support I received during the last six days, due to the petition I initiated. 1,453 more words


The Three Types of Customer: Part Two.

No, I am not going mad. Yesterday I spoke of the Five Types of Customer. I was referring to female customers in that post; male customers are an entirely different breed warranting their own analysis. 893 more words


Today in Cis Privilege: Naked headless women golf tees, it’s all a bit of a laugh

Naked headless women golf tees, it’s all a bit of a laugh, eh? Adding, according to Dunlop, “a little humour to your game” or “the perfect gift for someone who takes the sport a little too seriously.” Bend down and stick the nice bit of pink plastic tits and arse in the ground, balance your golf ball head, swing and “thwack”. 241 more words

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