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Things That Matter

Trigger Warning:  Discussion of rape and sexual violence below.

Last quarter I took a class on Genesis.  Given that I was a biology teacher in my former life, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Genesis.   580 more words


In My Head

There are things we don’t talk about.  Women that is.  We don’t talk about them because when we try, we are ignored, doubted, contradicted, belittled, shamed, pushed to recant, justify…and it’s happened all our lives. 1,151 more words

The Incident

Netflix Netflix on the wall...

The Netflix category system might be one of the most revealing cultural mirrors. It’s what happens when a group devotes their time to parsing the minute story elements of film and television while also evaluating their popularity, and film and television are definitely key reflections of our cultural attitude and focus. 699 more words


Honor Diaries


And yet the white Leftist feminists can’t bring themselves to condemn the practice of FGM, Honor Violence and Misogyny, preferring – like Gillard (ugh) – to redefine misogyny as something as benign as a man checking his watch. 6 more words

Civil Rights

Street harassment: It's enough now.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the monster we all trust you to lock away”. This was my friend’s response to a police officer who paid her the most distasteful, disempowering & objectifying compliment of shouting something so vulgar about her ass as she walked past him that it cannot be repeated. 616 more words

Body Shaming