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She is not yours

She is not yours
She is not yours to view
She is not yours
She is not yours to enjoy
She is not flesh
She is not parts… 63 more words


I Think I'm Safe

The other day I posted on my Facebook that I needed coffee. A male friend, who I don’t know very well but used to come to my old parties and is a close friend’s cousin, offered to take me to Starbucks… 547 more words

Personal Stories

Stylistic Sexism

I had just dropped off my lover for a train ride and was driving back when a certain sign in a hair-cutter’s caught my eye: “ 347 more words


Beyond "No means No"

Beyond ‘no means no': the future of campus rape prevention is ‘yes means yes’

Originally posted at the Guardian.com  by Jessica Valenti

Jessica Valenti

Survivors from California to New York say universities are failing students. 1,603 more words


The Republican Party, Failing with Women, Pretends to Support Equal Pay

A conservative report recently (and predictably) found that the GOP is polling quite poorly with women voters, which probably explains a recent RNC Tweet about… 58 more words


Guest blog: unhooking ideas of masculinity

(As promised, this is the guest post by a certain remarkable woman in my life, on the topic of the “Man Skills Academy” I talked about in… 969 more words