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Lorna McNamara, Director, NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence

Misogyny, racism, poverty and violence pervade the lives of our most vulnerable and compromise the health and wellbeing of us all. If we are committed to justice, we are responsible for countering these violations by building a society based on equity, inclusion and peace. 

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Domestic Violence

That evil word feminism.

‘She must be sleeping with him’. These are the words of an intelligent man. Not his exact words. He never says anything blatantly. He humiliates you with his rightness, he circles around the point like a vulture, waiting until you fall, waiting for you to realize you have lost. 75 more words

The Guardian now recognises the truth of 'Trojan Horse'! Will the NUT and SWP follow?

The SWP/NUT/Guardian “line” on Islamist influence on Birmingham schools – that it’s all an “islamophobic” campaign – is no longer tenable.

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Champagne Charlie

Laurie Penny trolled over new book

Feminist author Laurie Penny has come out yesterday against those who during the weekend took to the internet to troll and abuse her.

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Daily Shorts

IV: Archaic Gender Role Ideals & Dangerous Cultural Norms

This article covers my views on some common male cultural norms which greatly contribute to the creation and perpetuation of gender inequality and violence. Outright violence against women may be perpetrated by individual thugs, but those thugs are continually created by commonly held male cultural ideologies, including stereotypical concepts of masculinity, norms of entitlement, victim blaming, silence around inappropriate behaviour, and basically viewing women as anything other than people. 2,078 more words

The Gross Guys of Tinder (and other internet sexists)

This post features some spectacularly bad language (none of it mine!) so please don’t scroll down if you’re going to have a go at me for swearing: 524 more words


Deep Green Resistance In Support of Robert Jensen

Deep Green Resistance condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision of Monkeywrench Books in Austin, Texas to cut ties with activist Robert Jensen. Robert has received a massive amount of criticism recently for his article… 211 more words

Deep Green Resistance