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Calling out Fake Geek Guys

Hold the phone. A man just wrote a screed on sexual harassment and bullying in comics fandom.

And holy crap, it is the most amazing thing I have read in a while. 858 more words

Polygamy and Shame

When Mark came home yesterday he was upset. I thought it was the same old story, so I didn’t pretend to notice, just went about my business. 294 more words


True Detective: masculinity, misogyny and monster myths

I have just finished watching True Detective and I intend to discuss it below in a way that will require I give a spoiler alert right here. 2,007 more words


Kid Cudi - Indicud

Honestly folks, what’s the appeal with this guy? Its tired, trite, r&bap.

"Fraternity" Emails Leaked: Alcohol, Rape, and Masculinity

So, I am a sophomore in college. Like a lot of people with newfound freedom, I was excited to go out to fraternity parties my freshman year. 471 more words


The Slut, the Stud, the Sleaze, and the Shame : 5 Slut-shaming Fallacies

Slut shaming is the deplorable act of eroding the human honour of a promiscuous and sexually active woman by insisting that she’s eroded her feminine (virginal) honour. 971 more words