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Bad Advice

“Learn to cook and sew and clean so that a man will want you.

If your hair is long and body, lean, he will want to flaunt you. 212 more words


Why any real feminist should also be a misogynist

There are two kinds of feminists. Those who try to get as much female privilege as possible, and the actual feminists who want equality (real feminists). 1,907 more words


Letter to my teenage self (#1 of ?)

Dear James,

This is both simple and complex. I don’t know where to start so I’ll just start. There was never anything wrong with your body, even if the doctors and the surgery and the treatments alongside kids who faced challenges exponentially greater than yours, made you feel a shameful sense of difference, a distance from the normal your brothers represented. 675 more words

Gender Policing and Rape

This video is a bit cliche, but it makes the connection between rape, misogyny, and gender policing.


Sexism in Children's Clothing

Yet another example of how gender stereotyping can be misogynistic.


Views on seasonal drink reveal misogyny

A couple of weeks ago on a particularly warm fall day, I went to Starbucks with a friend. As I surveyed my drink options, weighing the merits of the perennial caramel iced latte against the promise of an iced café mocha, something caught my eye.

103 more words

"You Black B*tches": A Street Harassment Story

Black Men and Women need each other now more than ever. The purpose of this video is not to generalize or demonize a specific race of men but rather to give and receive understanding through opening up a conversation. 46 more words