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Transphobia in elite sport translates to some women being subject to hormone suppression and genital surgery to fit a gender binary.

This is a very intriguing account by Matt Slater, about a type of biological racism practiced by the elite sport community, discriminating against females who have naturally high levels of testosterone typically observed in men. 69 more words

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (1971)

Note: Hi! This is Mike Q, and I’m not the one who usually writes here. I got this guest-spot because Katy’s fallen behind in writing up movies of late, so I’ve been called in to do some of the titles she doesn’t especially want to deal with. 1,075 more words


can video games turn us into misogynists?

For most of my life I didn’t consider myself a “gamer,” mostly because I had an incredibly narrow understanding of what a gamer could be. I was usually more interested in books and film than I was in video games, so I didn’t think I was “allowed” to describe myself as a gamer. 1,071 more words


Snoop Dogg Cyber-Bullied Iggy Azalea, But Here's Why I Have Problems With Both Of Them

Below is an excerpt from my recent piece (“Snoop Dogg Cyber-Bullied Iggy Azalea, But Here’s Why I Have Problems With Both Of Them”) which has been published over at… 112 more words

Race And Racism

Anita Sarkeesian: Feminist YouTuber and Target of #GamerGate Terrorists

Trigger warning: rape, harassment, death threats

In my last blog post, Women on YouTube, I discussed the lack of female representation in the top channels on YouTube and the kinds of abusive comments women receive on their videos. 1,079 more words


FCKH8 Exploits Little Girls In Order To Sell T-Shirts

Trigger warning for rape

Yesterday, FCKH8 released a video called F-Bombs for Feminism: Potty Mouthed Princesses Use Bad Words for Good Cause that quickly went viral, and has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook alone. 886 more words

Problems with the Gamergate Movement

Today I came across an article by Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart about the success of Gamergate and how it isn’t being covered by the “liberal media”. 792 more words

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