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Stop hiding sexism under "gender inequality."

I am glad to see more people talking about sexism again, as it appeared to me that this word was starting to be erased from our vocabulary. 241 more words


Boring Breakfast Meetings and A Famous Indian

As a department manager I was required to attend the monthly managers’ breakfast meetings with the Director and the other three managers.  The Director was a pompous, bombastic, argumentative, resentful misogynist who delighted in excluding me whenever he could from  the managers’ all boys club.  573 more words

If Oedipus had been a Dal dental student...

In the Dalhousie Dental School fiasco, in which 13 men in the 4th year Dal Dental class were caught participating in a private rape-fantasy Facebook page – and where the victims were their female counterparts in their classes – the whistleblower, a 29-year-old male user of the webpage, said he had never heard of the word “misogyny” before, until he saw it used by the media. 731 more words

Sex Work: Where Feminism is Getting it Wrong

Feminism is not some straightforward, objective force of justice. There’s the exclusion of anyone who isn’t white, cis-female and middle class, for starters. There are times when the ideas of feminism can be taken and transformed into something exclusionary and discriminatory, such as in the disgusting bigotry of… 659 more words

The School of Roots: Abominable, Rotting Birds and Women

                  I am returning to Hélène Cixous’ astonishing book Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing. The section is entitled “The School of Roots.” 2,142 more words


Silence to Save Face: The Tale of the Not-So-Secret Issue of Problematic Speech

I have never met a single white person that hasn’t, in some way, said or done something incredibly problematic. Don’t make the mistake, though. I am white. 1,757 more words