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The F-Word

It’s not until this year that I ever considered I could be the “F-word.” The word that brings the same amount of cringe worthy discomfort to my body as “He who shall not be named,” “Pitbull,” and “Nick Carraway.” The word that labels women as outspoken, loud mouthed, pant suit-wearing nags.   673 more words

Taking "Return of Kings" Seriously: A Feminist Battle Unfit For Women

The heteronormative gender divide, reinforced by traditional values and mass media, can be found everywhere that people consume content. From seemingly innocuous ‘battle of the sexes’ game shows, to emotionally manipulative romantic comedies, and even debates that take place in state and federal government, both genders have been subject to countless representations of gender double standards and power struggles to polarizing effect. 1,936 more words


The Hunt (2012) - This is my Rifle, This is my Gun... Both Make Me Superior to Women.

Despite a small budget and funding secured from about half a dozen Scandinavian film funds, The Hunt premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival where it was the first Danish film to make it into the competition for about 14 years. 3,668 more words


Public Service Annoucement #1

Ok listen up, I know online dating is sketch, but blimey rape culture is sooooo rampant. Actual conversation with a dude:
Him after talking for a bit: so are you going to sleep with me? 61 more words

"line 'em up and shoot 'em." by Julia on the couch

Thursday April 10, 2014
5 minutes
From a quote by John Grisham

Franky used to be a real prick. He’d line up my Barbie dolls and shoot the heads and the tits off each one. 99 more words

It's 2014. Sexism is... different.

Cracked.com had a great podcast recently discussing sexism in our media.  Give that a click and listen to it.  It’s worth the 70 minutes and then some.   1,606 more words