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The Catster Debates: Or, I inadvertently bring MRAs to an innocent cat website

So I did an interview about my Confused Cats Against Feminism blog with Catster.com, a site that devotes itself to collecting “helpful and hilarious information for the worldly but still infatuated Cat aficionado.” Alas, as a result of publishing this interview with me yesterday, they now seem to be collecting angry MRA commenters as well. 102 more words


Men Are Feminists Too

This is an important caveat to remember when we talk about the “women’s movement,” or women’s rights: Men can be, and are, feminists too. Too often we focus solely on women and their views on women’s rights, mistakenly believing that all women – and only women – can be involved or aligned with the movement.

News you can relate to

Some news stories that caught our eye this week:

A profile of the incredibly brave Dr. Willie Parker: “The protesters say they’re opposed to abortion because they’re Christian.  64 more words


Women Outraged as Male Contouring is on the Rise

Los Angeles: Contour makeup is the trend that transforms 2’s into 9’s within an hour or two. This practice, which has existed for quite some time, is typically used by the female population. 298 more words


"If she had a big brain, would you call her at all?"


Watch this video to hear a young South Asian spoken word artist!

Madiha Bhatti speaks, (or beats), out against modern rap music that promotes misogyny and double standards against women of color. 50 more words

Criteria to join the Tea Party

Criteria to join the Tea Party

1. You must be foul-mouthed while claiming “Christian values” in your Twitter, and other bios.

2. You also must identify as a “Conservative” while spewing hatred towards anyone not like you. 285 more words


"Maced by a Feminist": The Retro, Weirdo Misogyny of Ariel Pink

LA-based gnome and improbable rock star Ariel Pink told a story earlier this week about how he was “maced by a feminist” last year. He related the incident in an… 1,065 more words