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Music - The Exploitation of Women

Often we find living in the West and in Britain particularly people demonstrate and protest expressing their annoyance at the lack of equality given to women generally expressing it at institutions who don’t pay women the same as men for the same jobs, and criticise people who give subtle remarks to downplay the roles of women in society. 624 more words


CreepyPM Time: Let Me 'Splain That For You Edition

Let’s take another visit to the CreepyPM subreddit, where innocent souls post screenshots of the perfectly horrendous private messages they’ve gotten, sometimes on dating sites, sometimes not. 126 more words


Why Steve Harvey Needs to Have A Seat

As Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape makes the rounds on the Internet, I knew it was only a matter of time before the policing began. Sure enough, yesterday a friend posted a recording of Steve Harvey on the radio, in which he earnestly advised “young women” against the making of sex tapes, etc. 1,535 more words


New Life in Misogyny -- "Skyfall" and the Bond Reboot

by Russ Schwartz

The message reads, “Think on your sins.” Then MI6 blows up.

The institution is archaic and corrupt, and must be overthrown, says the villain of… 1,690 more words

Guest Writers

misogyny reveal gone viral

TW: Post contains mention of abortion and infanticide.

Last month a video of a boy throwing a tantrum over the gender of his baby sister went viral. 469 more words

Are You Promoting Sexism, Racism, Violence? How Could You?!?

Usually when we think of consumer choices we think of things things that are detrimental to the environment, human health, are cruel to animals, etc. Things that have clearly identifiable consequences. 558 more words


I Got Mail Part Two: You're Welcome Adele

I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I got a thank you email from Philosophy Professor Adele Mercier for speaking up on her behalf and allowing others to do the same by writing Queen’s University. 451 more words