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My pussy is powerful, mother fucker.

I have become aware of this constant need to insult the female body, and even I am not exempt from doing it. So often uttering things that turn my feminist ideals on their head. 357 more words


Get your first look at Player vs. Player @RiptideBooks #mmromance #mystery #gaming #comingsoon

This weekend while I was enjoying myself at Gay Romance NorthWest in Seattle, Riptide released the excerpt for Player vs. Player in their weekend newsletter. … 210 more words


Some things are NOT OKAY

Would you stand up in front of an audience of 2 million teenage boys and girls and say the words, “It is perfectly okay to grope a another person in public, whether they like it or not.”? 399 more words


The Blonde Chronicles, Day Two.

Now I recognize by having my hair cut short, that may impact this experiment. I knew it from the start, although I started working there with a pixie cut and it’s slowly grown out since. 372 more words

You all need to watch this music video that deftly rebuts Christina Hoff Sommers on vidya games #GamerGate #PanderingToDickheads

Christina Hoff Sommers is an old school faux-feminist who’s devoted the last several decades to trashing feminism. Lately she’s apparently decided to appeal to a younger audience — or at least a more immature one — by pandering to the #GamerGate crowd. 119 more words


The Art Of Being A Real Women?!

There I was happily scrolling through twitter when I saw a tweet by @Singlewarehouse with this article called The Art of Being a Real Woman… 702 more words


The Guardian's recent article on Woody Allen (from 18/09/2014)

There a recent article in the Guardian last week celebrating Woody Allen’s achievements in film; something I find distasteful considering the allegations of sexual abuse targeted towards him by his daughter. 315 more words

Dylan Farrow