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Stop Sexist Advertisements!

The new series of advertisements from Head and Shoulders India – a shampoo brand, awakened in me such an anger that I just had to write immediately. 474 more words


My opinion on opinions and lousy politicians.

Sometimes I hear things that anger me. Sometimes I read things that anger me. Sometimes I see things that anger me. Sometimes I don’t act strongly enough. 579 more words


Pro-choice, but only when you approve?

I’ve been getting fairly ragey over the last couple of days about the Josie Cunningham story printed in the (famously woman hating) Mail on Sunday and also in the Mirror. 1,241 more words

Hugo Nominations

By now, we’ve all had a chance to see what the ballot for this year’s Hugo Awards looks like; if not, you can find them… 1,493 more words


On Feminism

It took me a long time to realise I was a feminist, mostly because I always thought being a feminist meant burning my bra, shaving my head and becoming a lesbian. 832 more words


Does the Bechdel Test Measure Sexism?

When I posted “Superheroes and Sexism”, I commented on the sexism included in super hero culture. But then I realized the next few posts wouldn’t make any sense if I didn’t first explain what the Bechdel test is… (unless you’re psychic) 886 more words

Creative Writing

5 Ways To Convert Your Guy Friends Into Feminist Allies

Being a guy feminist isn’t easy, especially when you spend a lot of time around guys who aren’t feminists—and as the joke goes, the more time you spend with guys who aren’t feminists, the more you realize why all women hate guys. 878 more words