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Star Wars Saturday: Redlettermedia's Critique of 'The Phantom Menace'

Redlettermedia’s video review of The Phantom Menace is not new to the world, since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2012, but it is new to me, and I definitely think it’s worth sharing with anyone who has yet to experience it. 321 more words


Wives, Subject Yourselves To Nobody

Okay, as promised I’m starting with the goal list this morning. I looked at number one from the most current revision (November 2) and it said, “1.I am bicoastal. 1,368 more words

Kim Kardashian is destroying social structures and she doesn't even know it.

Kim Kardashian is the woman most people love to hate. In all honesty, I wasn’t always a fan of her. I thought she did nothing of importance. 1,078 more words


Gaming Research Blog

research essay

Once again, all track changes can be sent to kalecya@pdx.edu

Anita Sarkeesian

There is no freedom as long as women are being raped

One week in November.


The Internalized Misogyny of Fem Doms and Sex Pozzies

When I was a female pro Domme ($ only, not lifestyle), I thought I was being empowered, but I was merely mimicking men, male attitudes, and male versions of sexual activities. 653 more words

Sex Pozzie

Unraveling Uber and Sexist Start-ups

Disgusted as I was reading about Uber’s VP threatening to expose a journalist’s family when she rubbed Uber the wrong way, a sort of move typical of the male-dominated Silicon Valley culture, I am hesitating to delete the Uber app on my phone. 231 more words