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Another reason tipping waitstaff needs to stop

Ask anyone who works as a waiter or waitress: tipping sucks, and it needs to stop.

Queue the same old repugnant arguments about “quality control” and “customer service” from the same curmudgeonly conservative jackasses who have always promoted them, as if paying waitstaff a liveable hourly rate–a luxury just about every other profession affords its workers–would somehow lead to a dramatic, unalterable decline in the quality of service received at restaurants across the country. 459 more words


Don’t Call Me Crazy

How is it that “crazy” came to be one of the worst insults a person could toss at a woman? In many ways, it seems like less of an attack than some of the harsher epithets that women can encounter; most insults are actually attacks on the female sex itself: cunt, whore, slut. 724 more words

Hipponax fr. 182: The Wise Man's Wife (Hipponactic!)

“The strongest marriage for a wise man

Is to take a woman of noble character—

This dowry alone safeguards a home.

<sees his house fall into ruin> 109 more words


Witches and Wicked Bodies: Imagining the 'Other'

This weekend I went to the ‘Witches and Wicked Bodies‘ exhibition at the British Museum. It’s free, and open until January 11th, and I really enjoyed it. 1,199 more words

Gaming, #Gamergate, and the hope for a new entertainment

For a long time now I have harbored a hope about the video game experience. It is the notion that as the generations who grew up with video games become the people who run and maintain society (talking from a western, American perspective), the activity will not only loose its stigma as a waste of time for children, but will also diversify as a medium. 800 more words


Ladies and Gentleman...The Honourable and Immutable Barry Spurr

Incase you’ve been living in a cave these past few days, here is the shocking story of Barry Spurr. Professor of Poetry at Sydney University, he is the main educational advisor to the Australian government about the school curriculum. 2,964 more words