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Orwellian Equality

Who wouldn’t support equality? It’s a rhetorical question. We know what kind of person doesn’t. Worse, some promote inequality under the guise of equality – a truly Orwellian situation. 1,011 more words


4chan User is Misogynistic Trash, in Other News: Water is Wet

I want to get one thing clear before I say anything else about this: these celebrity nudes were not ‘leaked’.

They were stolen. 696 more words


The day Jennifer Lawrence broke twitter

If it is possible I am even more bothered today than yesterday over the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence. A crime was committed people’s personal information was hacked, and no one seems to care about that because Jennifer’s nipples broke twitter. 373 more words

Overcoming Evolution by Being the Alpha Male

Doone Woodtac once again writes a smashing article over on XP Chronicles titled Sexism: The Male Experience. The article no doubt came about because last week was a tough week in combating sexism within the online gaming community. 1,618 more words

Shout Out

Leaving Las Vegas: A hundred minute insult to sex workers everywhere

I dislike Leaving Las Vegas. It isn’t because it’s an unpleasant movie, as I’ve watched unpleasant movies before that, although I’ll never watch them again, I appreciate. 2,373 more words



You guys! YOU GUYS. First of all, if you’re an actual guy, DON’T RAPE WOMEN. OR MEN. OR ANYBODY. That’s the first thing. To get it out of the way. 434 more words

"Müller: More Women to Join the International Theological Commission."

There is an evil thread in society whereby some are misled into thinking that the Catholic Church hates women.    Of course, anyone who knows the Church and Her Bridegroom, Jesus Christ knows that the Catholic Church loves women, seeing in women all of the unique beauty that all women have.  110 more words