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Sitting at My Desk

I feel unsafe in America when…

I read an article telling me I should be proud and flattered when men yell obscene things at me.

Media, Marvel and misogyny

Artwork by Sarah K

It is safe to say that, at least in recent times, comic book characters and superheroes are no longer confined to the thick pages of graphic novels and are, quite literally, bursting through silver screens and repeatedly racing past the one billion dollar mark to, somewhat surprisingly, create some of the highest grossing movies of the 21st century. 660 more words

Feminist Criticism

Code/red: Icahn Bragging About Investment IQ After Apple No-Brainer


  • Hewlett-Packard reports earnings after market close.

Icahn Just as Insufferable in Victory as in Defeat

Carl Icahn was right about Apple, and he wants everyone to know. 932 more words


Knapsacking Up: WWE’s “Diva” Problem

It was a dark and stormy night in Minneapolis.

An enraged Demon, hoping to tarnish our noble Hero, was cutting a path of destruction through Hero’s life. 1,070 more words

Professional Wrestling

Magical vaginas

I have to confess, I got far too much pleasure from writing that title.

In case you’ve missed it a quick recap. A female games developer (who has already been getting a lot of hate for daring to be a woman in the games industry and having the gall to point out the games industry has a problem with sexism) split up with her boyfriend. 736 more words


facebook fights

your actions justify actions which directly endanger me
but I’m taking away your rights
oppressing my oppressors
I should just be quiet


don’t sexualize people without their consent… 628 more words


We haven't moved very far away from the age of 'fallen women'

By Tammy Sutherns

Reeking of the 18th century Ireland Magdalene Asylums, a Chile Catholic Church has confirmed that a priest stole babies for adoption between the 1970s and 1980s.  821 more words