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Vox Day: If a woman says she was raped by a white man, she's probably lying, because only blacks and hispanics rape

This is the final day of the We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! If you haven’t already, please consider sending some bucks my way. (And don’t worry that the PayPal page says Man Boobz.) Thanks! 416 more words



You want a woman who cleans up after your lazy, dirty,
shitty underwear stained ass; fine.
You want a woman with a BA who wants nothing more… 157 more words

Amber Rae

Every Comment Against Feminism Proves Feminism

Shirtgate. JFC, what a mess. What a ruckus all over a little shirt. Everybody needs to calm the eff down: feminists, anti-feminists, men’s rights, pro-patriarchy, anti-anti-feminists. 701 more words

Why it makes sense to highlight the plights of people of color and women

Two of the reasons why crimes against “people of color” (not a fan of that phrase, but I’m going to use it anyway) tend to get, and deserve, more attention is to atone for the… 129 more words


rachel's sharp as ever...

via ifeelbetterer: #OK SO for Americans/people who….


OK SO for Americans/people who have no idea what this is#it’s a show in the UK called Countdown and part of the show requires you to use a certain group of numbers in order to get to another number#(just roll with it) and it’s often incredibly hard to do and Rachel Riley (THAT’S THE HOT LADY FYI) is a numbers genius who can do it every time#Sean Lock (that’s the middle aged frumpy dude in the glasses) is a comedian who’s on the show to make jokes something that’s pretty easy to do on this show#so Rachel Riley calling him out here is both hilarious and verrrrrry apropos just remember ladies if a dude says your job shouldn’t earn you praise and admiration take a good long look at what his job is and how much praise and admiration he gets for it and then hurl that shit right back in his face Sean Lock I love you like an awkward horrible uncle but you need to occasionally shut the fuck up (leupagus)

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Justice & Law

Amazons and Ancient Greeks: Gender Equality

Ahhh, the ancient Greeks. Perhaps the original misogynists, the Greeks had a very decided stance on women and what they should do, what their roles were in society, how they should be treated, and the “true nature” of femininity (hint: Horrible). 771 more words