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Miss Kitty writes a guest post

The Girl is up to her nose in gift wrapping paper and since she has temporarily exchanged the mighty pen for the vacuum cleaner, mumbling how she needs to clean house before Christmas, and pick up all the hair that’s on the floor—it’s certainly not my hair. 338 more words

Just A Thought

Christmas Outtakes using Tinsel Town by Mandy King

I am so in love with Mandy’s new kit! I just wanted to take every single ellie and throw it on the page. So I kinda did. 107 more words


Mudroom Update IV

And back to the mudroom! The project that never ends! Now that harvest is officially over I was able to snag my husband and force him into removing the ugly sink in the mudroom. 378 more words

Five Surprising Ways Lesbians Can Practice Sublime Tantric Sex

Written By Miss Kitty

What is Tantra?

Tantra is composed of Sanskrit words and has several ways it can be understood. It means “the way” but also “methods” and, in an expanded sense “methods of going beyond.” It can mean “transformation,” “expansion” and “weaving.” Tantra embraces every single aspect of our life experience; it weaves together all its many aspects. 749 more words

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