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Don't Murder Manners...Please.

“Good manners reflect something from inside – an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self.” – Emily Post

I love this quote, and I think manners are important.   306 more words

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Manners Matter!

Singles sometimes forget their manners. It’s true that some people were not brought up well to begin with and may have never learned any, but even the ones who were brought up by fastidious and mannerly parents often forget their manners from years of living alone, from hanging out with others who do not have manners, or from deciding not to care. 2,117 more words

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Save $ by Hiring a Pro !

Weddings can cost a small fortune! However, if you work with wedding professionals they can direct you to the best values, which will ultimately save you money. 511 more words


Questions and Answers

Just because a question is asked, must an answer be forthcoming?

In the US at least, we’re programmed from an early age to ask questions. Lots of questions. 1,159 more words

Only in Walmart

If you are a Facebook follower, you will, from time to time, see a Walmart cartoon or photo posted. Usually, they are not nice- someone ill-dressed, shall we say?   264 more words