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Miss Manners for Group Sex; or, Chaos Abhors a Vacuum

Kinky Salons are doing their part to make sure group sex is well mannered, though it is doubtful Miss Manners would approve.

Apparently chaos also abhors a vacuum. 35 more words


If You Are Not a Lady, You Don't Deserve a Gentleman (and Vice Versa)

I have something to say, and I am going to try to say it nicely. I have revisited this in my documents folder in my computer dozens of times, and I’m still struggling for the right words. 1,099 more words

The Girl's Thoughts On...

Women's Wit And Wisdom ~ September 23rd

“When you’re in love, you put up with things that, when you’re out of love, you cite.”

- Miss Manners (Judith Martin), b. 1938, American Writer


Is Throwing Your Own Birthday Party Rude?

So here’s the thing. Technically, according to Miss Manners and other old school etiquette experts, throwing or organizing your own birthday celebration is rude. This is one of those rare areas where I fundamentally disagree (even though I see where they are coming from) and think it is one of those sections of etiquette that are changing due to different social norms. 607 more words

How To

Monday's Thought of the Day

“It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.”

~ Miss Manners

Thought Of The Day

Letters from Camp: Miss Manners

I am a thorough teacher. I plan curriculum, triple check materials and show up early. What I CAN’T plan for is when a kids asks a difficult questions…and you have to answer on the spot. 279 more words

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