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Day 43: miss manners would not approve

As you might recall, one of the items on my list is to become real friends with my sister-in-law (#20), and I feel like I’ve been making pretty good progress on that front. 621 more words

Miss Manner ask Svutlana sex etiquette question

Dear Svutlana,

Is it ever appropriate to thank someone for sex?

Miss Manners

Dear Miss Manner,

Thank you too much for give Svutlana rare sexual etiquette question. 462 more words

Miss Manners

Sleeping Together on the First Date

This is a complicated matter. To be honest, I wouldn’t encourage sleeping with someone on the first date, but the reasons are not the same as the ones written about in “The Rules”. 244 more words


Miss Manners for Group Sex; or, Chaos Abhors a Vacuum

Kinky Salons are doing their part to make sure group sex is well mannered, though it is doubtful Miss Manners would approve.

Apparently chaos also abhors a vacuum. 35 more words